Boxes 2v2 in gears 5

i think there should be more maps that are similar to boxes in gears of war 5

i personally think 2v2 should be a permanent game type for the next game with the addition of new maps with different layouts. boxes gets boring at times and i think if they had the mindset for it being a set game type they should do a better job rather than bringing old maps.

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For boxes, I dont think its worth it to waste so much time on a map designed for a specific mode, its better to use existing map and use the section that will be the most compatible with the 2v2 Gnasher exectuion mode.

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It will depend on the success in the current game, Boxes is a fun gamemode for all the players that have played all of the legacy games it was in, there are players where Gears 4 is their first game and may not enjoy it. Iā€™m all for it though.

well i guess thats what i meant, have already made maps and just have it designed to fit the 2v2 aspect of it.

Boxes Royale.