Great shot.

I fixed your title and yes, I agree.

Everyone should, especially the villainous COG.


sigh time to start making Pro-COG propaganda :sunglasses:

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Whoops, looks like you uploaded the wrong picture there, buddy. Don’t worry, I’ve got you mate!


I think you’re mistaking her for her


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Sir, I didn’t order burned toast!


Who wants toast!?


Too soon? :worried:

How about her then?


diddling corpses

Come on now.


Ma’am, would you like a cup of tea?

Pity that her son is a sex offender though. :frowning:

For legal reasons, I should adjust that last bit - Pity her son is an alleged (but probable) sex offender though.

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Close second to what is referred to in the OP… if we’re talking lineage, anyway. Actual loyalties and statuses may differ.

Inb4 Kaz gets all upset about this.

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:pensive: alright Lahnis the queen.

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You’re not wrong, I just wish I liked her more.

Ehhh, there’s worse characters out there. I mean, it could be another Jinn.

I dont hate her and I dont love her.

I do love her as an announcer though. She makes me feel good about myself and she makes me feel bad about myself.

Hoffman reigns supreme though, you haven’t lived until you heard Hoffman tell you “bragging rights go to the gears today, the coalition is proud of everyone of you”.

I think I can live without that considering it involves playing Gears PvP.

And I make something of a distinction between the character lines in MP and how they are in the Campaign. I mean, I absolutely despise Jinn in the story and really don’t mind Kait but the opposite is true of the MP where Jinn’s lines are decent but Kait’s just get in my nerve 90% of the time.

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To eaches own.

Wow. Now I actually want to play gears again, @Forza_Cali I didnt even last a week and now I want to come back :worried:

Their MP lines are supposed to reflect how they are as characters.

However, some characters arent done justice with their lines like Kait. Hers suck.

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This is why I was I make “something of a separation” because TC doesn’t quite nail it with the lines every time. Obviously, they are supposed to be reflective of their Campaign appearance but the aforementioned thing exists. I mean, if Kait’s MP lines were indicative of the character in the story I would not like her at all.

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She sounded better in 4, I’m not sure why they didnt use more of those lines?