Boutista=Marcus? He thinks so

It’s his destiny… lol
I agree
@1:40 in video

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Considering he is almost 50 - he needs to get a move on along with Microsoft - I’d like to see the three games as movies and so he could be 60 by the 3rd one! :joy:

Not so much of an issue for 4, 5 & beyond :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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omg it comes a film of gears :scream::scream:
how cool is that :grimacing::grimacing:

A film has been talked about for a long time - I wouldn’t get your hopes up just yet :sweat_smile:

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I’ve never heard of ^ ^
Most game adaptations have not been so nice so far. If anyone ever comes, I hope for the best

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Halo’s has had two very good short films / series.

I think it was Nightfall and something else.

I really want to see the following game Movies:

Gears of War
God of War
The Last of Us


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The second was halo forward onto dawn.
Ohh yes last of us :metal:

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That’s the one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yea, Bautista has been mentioned for years. I know they were ready to start on a Gears film at some point but it fell apart.
The franchise isn’t as popular as it once was so I doubt we’ll ever see a movie unless #5 pulls off some sort of miracle.


I remeber when Beowolf came out and a game studio (maybe Ubisoft) said they could have made a film a lot cheaper for the movie studio, so perhaps if it’s not live action then a super realistic CGI movie could be done.

Either way, I’d love to see it happen!


We almost have TLoU with the post apocalyptic, and heart wrenching The Road.
I tried to rewatch a while back and it is just TOO upsetting. I think if you are a father, as many of us on here I would assume, you can multiply the distress by a hundred. See the actual game as well.

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Dark Soul

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Also I believe Halo Tv series is coming like next year or the following year too.

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Definitely :+1:

Yes, Microsoft have ordered a new series for next year, I look forward to it!

Maybe they are working on a movie now but in a quiet sense. It will be revealed and shock us all.

Give me just Halo and I’d be satisfied. But some other ones I’d love to see are
Elder Scrolls
Mass Effect

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Piena was the perfect marcus but he deas now