Bouncing 2.8.2 movement/ health/ weapon accuracy

gears 2.8.2 make bouncing as fast as possible. bouncing must be more accurate. also take out the cool downs from wide places. take off all alternate nerfs. bring up the proximity on where a side bounce diagonal or forward bounce can be done. put a backward bounce in that doesnt have to be diagonal a straight up backward bounce would be wonderful. make a new control scheme for alternate where running and bouncing is the same button (a) and rolling/evading is (x). for bouncing I was thinking that the health shouldnt stay hurt the whole time you’re bouncing. but the health should go down a lot slower. like double the time to heal. or maybe a little more than double. I also had an idea where people only get 3 shields and can pick up the remaining armor of other players with meat shields. but it wouldnt work out. the game is almost perfect. just need to fix the healing aspect… make the shotgun 100% accurate off of ANY movement. make it do a little more damage from far. it spreads and drops too much. lancer has too much recoil. turning the screen is too stiff. should be more smooth for more accurate aiming. but the healing aspect needs to go. the best thing would be if healing time was insanely increased from what is regular. but not if bouncing health never goes down.

weapon accuracy should all be at 100% no flinching from shots. more gore. that’s all I can ask for. especially for gears 5.
I want to be able to bounce back and forth on everything side bounce or whatever backwards. I don’t want to be held back by cool downs. I’m tired of weapons inaccuracies. misrolling. and also hesitations from alternate. so the best thing we can do is make another control scheme for now until something better is thought of.

bouncing on everything
healing while bouncing time double-triple
new alt control scheme bouncing and running same button evade x
no cooldowns
100% accuracy with all weapons
no auto aim.

I’ve been wanting a control scheme with running and taking cover on A and rolling on X for a long time. I don’t know why that’s never happened.

I hate flinch lol

I love all this except they should remove thin air bouncing completely.

the only way that would be fun is if the bounce speed was brought up like 500% cancel was taken out completely. and accuracy was brought up and auto aim was reinforced

I think thin air bouncing is dumb.

sounds like you haven’t taken the time out to completely master it

of course not. it’s stupid, IMO. I can do it. It’s ridiculous and literally makes no sense.