Bought the new dark fate pack 2

So, I bought the pack through out paypal, payment was successful but I cant change the t800 to the rev-9 and in the xbox store it still says “buy” anyone else bought this pack and happened the same? Love to hear it!

You gotta buy it twice for it to show up😉 new tc system


Funny thing is, I bought it through paypal, but before when I did it, I tried buying it with an alternative payment method here in The Netherlands, but that also bugged out. So unfortanutely I indeed bought it twice…

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It just does that because it’s treated as a microtransaction. Same with the AAPE pack. The characters will show at noon Pacific.

On another note, anyone else think it’s odd that they’re selling two characters for $20 that no one is familiar with? The movie doesn’t even come out for two weeks.


do yourself a favor and just file a paypal claim to get your money back.


I hope, thanks for the reply.

Ouch man I’m sorry to hear about that, quite abit of money too, can’t you ask for a refund on one of them?

Maybe I will, thanks for the suggestion. The weird thing is, since it’s already on the xbox store, and it says release day the 16th of oct it should already be active right? It doesn’t say anywhere that’s it’s going to be active around noon-ish.

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$20!!! Good lawd thats a lot of munneh!

Always worth the try.

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£20 abit much too considering it’s contents defo not worth that much at all

Think pay pal might be able to sort something mate if you do

Will do thanks for the reply and suggestion.

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Not really interested in these new characters. Sarah Connor and the Terminator are obviously cultural icons, but just random new characters from the upcoming movie? Who cares? lol.

Oh well, I suppose the $20 asking price makes them pretty easy to ignore at least.


Not really helpful but everyone has and may have their own opinion.

That’s for sure, laughed my ■■■■ off when I saw it and read what content was in it, silver terminator would of been cooler tho but even then I wouldn’t take much notice of it. That said tho everyone’s different and for the most part if they got the money and like the skins we can really judge

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A gold T-800 would be sweet!

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I would be careful filing a claim against xbox with PayPal. I would at least discuss matter with MS first. I believe It used to be that if you claim a refund on PayPal or credit card first, you get your money but could be barred from future purchases. It was MS or Sony that does this, so I’m not 100%. Still, wouldn’t risk it.

As it turns out, it’s a skin so you need to go to customization menu, open the Terminator character and select a different skin.

Thanks everyone, since the update that launched at 12.15 I got the skins i purchased :slight_smile:

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