Bottled, then penalized

So now that the server issues have continued its loaded me into games, then booted me so that not only am I penalized rank wise on core tdm, but I can’t even attempt to play for 45 minutes. Thanks gears, way to reward someone that has played you game since the beginning, literally since opening night of GOW1. I’m done.


Don’t worry, TDM Rank isn’t really that important. It’s your KOTH rank that shows your true skill level :+1:

But a lot of people are having problems due to server issues. Wait till it’s fixed and try later.

Correction: Rank in general doesn’t prove skill for most players because the ranking system benefits stacks and high ping warriors over individual player skill.


Not for most players but if you are a low ping player which pretty much any Europe player can be, then it is actually an indication :+1:

Well then get to Diamond already. I’ve been there as a solo player with a low ping. Come at me bruh! :crazy_face:

The past is the past, I’ll get in soon, don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I could easily be there already if I actually played. I just got sick of the lag and playing solo so I stopped. I’m sure I’ll get back to it but since I’ve been there before it’s an easier step up for me I believe but we shall see. Depends if I keep deranking when I lose with MVP in tact.

Yeah, I doubt I’ll ever get there as it stops giving me any more % when I hit Onyx 3 97% …

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At 97% you basically have to dominate the whole lobby and easily win MVP while also winning the match. I was barely going up when I won a match with MVP, 26 captures and 100+ kills if that tells you anything.

But that’s what I do and it doesn’t move until the game where someone quits or goes AFK or it pairs us agaisnt crazy high ranks and then BOOM !!!

-30% or more gone …

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I’ve noticed to get Diamond you need to beat up on Diamonds. A true Diamond is far different than an Onyx 3 which I don’t think many realize due to so many high ping player that make Diamond. It makes one think Diamond isn’t special because these players stand still like a Silver would but succeed because they sponge everything. :joy:

Yeah but you cant beat a full Diamond 5 squad when the game pairs you with Gold and Low Onyx Players.

No way.

. Please get rid of this double penalty bs especially when Its not my fault I get kicked out the game not everyone quits


Exactly what I’m talking about, I never quit, even when they do a horrible job with the matchmaking, but I still get penalized.

bad that does not solve the game is one of my favorites online but I’m angry that things happen so bad service offered by the servers of gears 4.

Ohhh but I thought it was working as intended…u just gotta beat higher ranks consistently and u should rank up bro remember…I mean that’s what u insisted to me when I said the same thing 3days ago how it’s bugged and doesn’t go up after a certain point…so which is it ?

Gold, internet and buying the game is not enough to give a better service. What happens geras of war is not only a few respect to the players of gears of war

I’m sure it’s a temporary problem as would get fixed soon as possible.

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I’ve never been “bottled” before. I’d like to try it. Would I come in a six-pack, or a case.

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I think you’d be a mini bottle - only the big boys come in packs :muscle: