Bots unrealistically Difficult in Gears 5

Might be a bit late to complain about a game 3 years old and not really being supported much but the bots are unberably broken beyond belief. Even on the easiest difficulty its a huge pain in the A** dealing with them. Whoever programmed them clearly never tested them because they are out for blood. They do crazy manuevers. Down you within seconds on any difficulty and have a real nasty habit of chasing after the player constantly and disregarding the objectives. Its completely asinine that even on low difficulty settinsg there this annoying,

They are aimbots but their movements tend to be predictable.


I think the real problem is they do not have line of sight. They literally see everything all the time. Atleast they spend less time looking at the ground than gow 3 bots

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are we playing the same game?
could you name some examples? i know the aimbot can be annoying at times but thats easy to work around but other than that, especially on the lower difficulty levels i cant remember anything id remotely call broken or difficult…
for clarification youre talking about versus right?

I tend to run 1v5 against bots to get this kill achievement.

  • They bum rush spawn to spawn kill if you die.
  • Unaffected by smokes.
  • Unaffected by flash grenades.
  • 1-shot Lancer you down and wait until the last second to shoot or execute you as you start to get up.
  • They will sponge point blank gnashers.
  • No footstep audio half the time so you’ll occasionally get chunked from behind.
  • Boom sponges
  • Will chase you down across the map.
  • randomly wall bounce and wrap shot

Normally not an issue since I swap all pickups to relic retro lancer to mow them down. Netting around 600-900 kills in an hour game of KOTH.

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I think the only thing that could make them hard is them giving you away by shooting cover you are behind. Otherwise they’re fine.

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Ah custom games. I never play them so I cant speak on that but that list looks very frustrating indeed.
Could it be some custom setting is making the bots go haywire or something?

I just want to know what ticks them off.

In quick play, I’ve seen them glitched in a movement pattern, and I’ve seen them laser me across the map.

I’ve seen them go 1-15, and I’ve seen them clutch impossible situations and be high on the scoreboard.

And yes, sometimes it seems like a bot has it out for you.

Edit: funny anecdotal story

I recently was against a stack in social.

Match starts me and 4 bots against the stack.

I typed seems fair in the game chat. One responded to step up my game. I capped the first circle and never saw an opponent. Bots wiped them out till they quit. I didn’t fire a shot until the opposing bots finally came.