Bots ruin Social Play, takes 10-15 mins to find Ranked games

Bots are too stupid in pathing and too accurate in aim. They’re 60% of the player base when I join social play, I only play ranked JUST to avoid the broken AI, and anything but KOTH/TDM on ranked takes at least 15 minutes to find a match, sometimes the same for KOTH/TDM.

So glad I didn’t buy this

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Yeah the game is kinda dead right now. Yeah people still play ranked , I have never had a problem finding any ranked mode. But the social play is all bots, but atleast you can farm some kills with certain weapons easier! Lol

Doesn’t surprise me. That seemed to be the case when I stopped playing, over a month ago. This is what happens when Studios have a total disregard for their customers. I won’t be back, neither will anyone else I know. We all look forward to TCs harsh lesson in failure.

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I believe they need the lesson, but why stay here to watch a game you obviously love, fail?

I was beginning to lose hope and started getting mad, but then Ryan started communicating on here.

Not to mention if they fail, that’s it for Gears.

Are you in the EU? I am in the US and find matches within seconds. I play almost every day.

I’m able to find games in every mode pretty quickly. What warrants a game being dead…?

Well its surprising that in social play everyone is basically bots. I would expect it to be full with real people but thats not the case.

i’ve been on social play for about 2-3 weeks now awaiting the ranked issues to be resolved and very rarely has the lobby been back filled with Bots, been on for several hours this morning and not yet had a bot on my team.

Playing UK on EU servers…

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Do you mean Quick play? I played a lot of Arcade last night and every room was full. Yea sometimes there are bots initially or when people drop out, but eventually they are filled with real players. They do this to keep the games moving quickly.


Yup, same. Makes me wonder if some people really know what a dead game is. Smh.

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Every time I get on social it is always almost empty. That shouldn’t be the case for a brand new game and usually in all other games social play is highly populated.

It’s slowly, but surely dropping down in xbox live most played rank… 26th now (was #1 at launch?)