Bots in versus(quick matchs)

I don’t know who came up with the wonderful idea of ​​removing bots in quick games but I’m sure they don’t play quick matchs and even the game, because for example, sometimes someone from my team or the rival leaves and then when playing control. We stay 3v4, hopefully, because there are times when more people leave and then you can find 2v4, 2v3 or even 1v4 and you have to leave because of the boredom of waiting for another person to be, really, I have more fun playing A game of players vs bots in those circumstances, if already 4v4 feels less dynamic than 5v5, when someone leaves being a 4v4 game it feels much more, in 5v5 at least when someone leaves they did not feel something. that’s why most of the time I play (if not all) in rankeds…


5v5, 4v2, 5v3,4v1, 2v4, 3v5, 2v3, 3v4, 1v2, 3v1.

I hope that answers your query.