Bots in coop vs ai

Is there any good reason why bots on beginner in coop vs ai are better than 80 percent of players in versus? If there was someone new to the game they are gonna get obliterated on the easiest difficulty.

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Tc completely destroyed coop vs ai with their laser lancer from across the map BS… I used to have a lot of fun with coop in GoW4, here, i force myself to put up with it for daily objectives, and leave as soon as i get those.


The gnashers on the bots are also insane.

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They’re fine on Hardcore. Makes for a good warmup. Though they can feel ridiculous on Beginner since it feels like the same difficulty.

Funny you should say that. I popped on for some dailies earlier and the beginner bots are fecking crack shots. I must have revived 10 players in one round of koth, I was downed several times in seconds or less.

@TC_Octus why have they been buffed so much ?

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Because they use it better than players do.

Which would make sense if beginner bots werent geared towards new players

The skill level of beginner bots before this update didn’t provide anything other than easy kills. I can’t imagine anyone gaining knowledge or skill from playing against them. Even after the update they’re extremely easy and predictable. However, at least now, they provide fire with multiple weapons and force you to try and move a bit.

I’m glad for the change. I didn’t like the bot AI before this update at all. If someone can’t handle beginner bots, which in my experience many can’t, they may as well move onto another game because even the Bronze tier is considered too high for them. Truth is, in order to learn and get better, you have to face enemies who are better than you and learn from your mistakes. This would never happen with beginner bots of old.

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you called my favorite weapon " laser lancer " , i should be angry man…

but since you are my friend I’m going to forget your comment hahahahaha :smile:

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Chances are, people who are playing on beginner bots arent all necessarily looking to “get better”. Coop vs AI is a good start to learn the game and some very basic strategies. The reason there are tiers in coop vs ai is to improve. Once you get beginner down and you’re cooking bots left and right go up a tier. If people who are elite want to go in and shoot beginner bots all day and waste time in social matches who cares that’s their prerogative.

I did :blush: I went back to GoW 4 :grinning: The bots in 5 are too hard for me :persevere: