Bots don’t know how to play Control

Not really sure how important this is, but bots don’t seem to get the goal of Control. I set up a custom Control game against one bot to finish the medal for getting 5 ring breaks in one game, and the bot just kept oscillating between trying to kill me and take the ring. It would step into the ring, think “Ring’s taken, time to kill the human,” take one step out of the ring, think, “Lost the ring, gotta go get it,” and repeat endlessly. I had to down it from outside the ring so it would crawl away from me, into the ring, in order to get my breaks. Seems like it would be a problem for anyone trying for an actual game of Control against bots.

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lol, now i know wwhy bots arent in control quick match recently

Math major?

Same here, plus one of them kept switching every other second between stepping in and outside the ring.

Its the same in Arcade Blitz, sometimes they capture the hill and when they leave the hill (as you need to have one person in the hill to keep getting points) and they do that for a long time. Some coding is messing them up. Probably very hard to fix at this stage.