Bots ! bots bots bots all the time

Social still unpleasantly sucks . Please remove bots.

-There is CO-OP vs AI for people who enjoy being annoyed by bots

-Wait is TC itself a Bot :thinking: ??? I mean is the shoe fits right :tipping_hand_man:.

Play Ranked if you don’t like bots.


Go play co-op vs ai if you like them :man_shrugging:

Set up a private match without bots, you get progress there now.


Troll post


More venting than anything

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Bots are better than 90% of players with Master ranked skins.


Well then you’re wasting your time since this topic has been discussed multiple times before with other people giving solid answers.

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Lol, no one has ever given a half-decent reason as to why bots should be in quickplay.

TC needs to work on their bots… Its 2021 and their bots like they were coded in y2k.

They need to scrap them altogether

Every lobby would be 2v1 or 2v2 at best for the majority of a match. Bots are needed so people don’t quit lobbies and the game can fill up. Without bots there’s no quickplay these days you’d be bored waiting trying to find a game. Bot power is real though approach them with caution lol.

Remove bots.

Add bots.

Remove bots.

When will this end?

What is the solution?

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Solution is keep the bots merge pc and console players by removing crossplay make the gib range further slow the movement and scrap any plans after operation 8 and leave the game in free fall. I think that’s what TC have decided.

This is because halo is coming and it’s the end for all shooters (except COD) for the next year or two.


Gears 6 multiplayer could also be free to play.

Depends. Let’s see.

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It’ll never end.

For as long as the Gears Community is alive, true happiness shall always be gazed upon from afar.


For someone that has claimed to have been around the forums for soo long checking everything I’m surprised you missed other threads that talked about this, unless of course this is another one of your trolling attempts then nevermind considering I sometimes forget to disregard everything you say because I cannot take you seriously as a person cause jokesters are not to be trusted.

It’s like the story of the boy who cried wolf, you can only joke around and lie for soo long until people finally stop listening to you even when you aren’t messing around.

I really get under your skin, don’t I?

Nah, not even close but you’re welcome to try.