Bots are all wrong


(EvilGok) #1

Many people use Social and Co-op vs AI to learn how to play the game, but bots teach all the wrong skills.


they put the bot in aimbot

(EvilGok) #3

Believe me, this is one of the biggest reasons I made this vid.


i’ve seen one guy get sniped by a bot while the bot was switching his shotgun out for his sniper rifle…bot didn’t even have the sniper rifle fully out yet

(mizzelphug) #5

Some mod locked the thread about banning that cheater, *swarm drone.

(Asurazu Rasu) #6

Tried to play public social yesterday but all my matches only filled with bots.

Literally all they do is shoot you with the lancer, walk up to cover, and try to shoot you with a gnasher from miles away.

And that’s what the majority of players do so I guess bots really do have an influence

(EvilGok) #7

The problem will only get worse because there are fewer people in social every day. Even when I get a full lobby half of my team quits before the end.