Bots Aimbot Ridiculous

The bot’s aimbot is too strong, they’re near impossible to out strafe once they lock on to you with the lancer. Their AI sucks too. Just get rid of them, then we can see how dead the game really is.


I mean they’re bots after all…

Yeah, spectating them is always hilarious

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Bots that wouldn’t be necessary if the game had a higher player base, it’s quite pathetic they have to substitute players with such terrible bots.

Bots have been like this since Gears 2 though? Bots on insane with snipes is actually hilarious.
Also maybe don’t play quickplay or PvA.I if you don’t like bots?

With Claw, they’re OP. And Tri-Shot.

On Beginner Co-op vs AI with Lancer, they aren’t that bad. Until someone votes for Arms Race.