Both maps are extraordinarily small. No gnasher in arcade mode

Are we getting larger maps at release? Not a fan of these 2 painfully small maps. Hopefully, a lot larger ones will come out during release.

Also, I think Arcade mode would be better if everyone spawned with a gnasher. It’s already easy to headshot kill people with rifles, so spawning with a gnasher shouldn’t hurt the casual appeal of Arcade mode at all. Gnasher should come primary with all characters, not just Marcus Fenix. Have a feeling this is gonna happen come launch, anyways.

Generally speaking, large maps are bad for Gears. Take any large map and I can show you how broken it is. All the “good” maps have been small maps. I think the largest “good” maps in the series are Fuel Depot and Jacinto, but they are also very sectioned compared to the “bad” maps of similar size, technically making them small maps when you look at actual gameplay scenarios.


The majority of people will just run around with Gnasher at that point completely taking away from the style of this game mode. You want all Gnasher, just place on the classic playlist at launch which I will personally be doing. I’ll run Arcade here and there if I just wanna relax.

Taking away large maps takes away any use that the long shot has and just makes the gnasher more broken.

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There is a gnasher in arcade tho.


Yup. The 5 characters just represent (loosely) 5 classes. Marcus and the Grenadier can get the Gnasher as a purchase after a few (3 or 4?) kills.

personally when i was a try hard gnasher player, yes i agree smaller maps where better. but when i grew up and realized gears is bigger than one weapon. I realized no, small maps like raven down with 5 players (Which is a map designed for execution/warzone mind you. Which did not have re-spawning taken into consideration or the amount of players, or the speed of them ) are some of the worst pieces of crap in the series to date. this includes checkout in gears 4 etc.
Dont get me wrong, river is a larger map in GoW2. its still complete trash… only reason people like that map is when they got first blood and spawn trapped everyone with power weapons cause that made them feel like good players despite no one had a chance…

Medium maps are more ideal. straight up…


There is a gnasher in Arcade why do people keep saying this :sweat_smile:

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