Bot walking salt

Why do try hards and sweaties get butthurt about bot walking and PC players? I’m a huge gears of war vet since one and played all gears franchise, I been playing Gears 5 for 2 years and mainly use mouse and keyboard (I can play controller just fine and can either wreck people ■■■■ or be a little rusty, ain’t my first rodeo) but why do people get butthurt of getting bot walked. I only do it because they make a grave mistake of either 1.they missed their shot and are in cocking animation mode or 2.I dodged their bullets and judt happen to be right in front of them or 3.i do it just for fun because I have the experience to get right in front of them and out maneuver them because I’m just that grizzled vet, whether it’s mouse or controller

Am I missing something? These people who told me I should practice more and I suck are the same people who hug walls and either with two people. I dunno if I’m getting old for this ■■■■ or I’m judt out of touch with them, it all started because I meat shield tbagged for fun (I wasn’t even trying to stir ■■■■ tbh) and he’s like oh we bagging now, ima make you my ■■■■■ and all this drama lul I lost the next match after that because ■■■■■■■■ teamates who can’t capture the hill but I only play it for fun.

Am I the wrong one here or should I be shunned for bot walking? (I wallboubce pretty good, stiffy WB but I get the job done) also why are people so ■■■■■■■ afraid of charging into the objective!!!

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I get this all the time…

I’m always quick to remind them who killed who and who’s (usually) at the top of the scoreboard.

It’s as though looking good while playing is better then actually winning. This seems very familiar to English Premier League Football at the moment.

Mouse and keyboard is cheating

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I think OP, you need to stop worrying about what these people think.

Quite frankly, it’s the internet, and secondly it’s GOW fans on the internet which is like a double-whammy. GOW fans are by and large, awful people.

Just do whatever works for you.

And apologies to GOW fans. If it sounds like I have an extremely low opinion of GOW fans, it’s because I do. :smiley:


None taken! :smiley:

I don’t play versus… At all lol, but it seems to me that if someone is getting mad over bot walking, it’s just because they want everyone to play like a crack head wallbouncing all over the place and are mad when someone disrupts their overengineered movement style. Bot walking is by and large focusing on the movement of your enemy as opposed to your own, there’s nothing wrong with it

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This whole post for me


I play how i want, everyone can F off.

dont like then they can leave.

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but only on pc.


People call everything botwalking unless you’re literally inside of an animation when your shot comes out, like 70% of the total kills in gow5 are gnasher chunks, and not shooting your gun/playing for 1 shots is the best advice anyone can give anyone else regarding how to improve.

Shoot your gun less, only play for chunks, instantly a better player up until a certain point you wont reach anyway. This is why people complain about botwalking, they think everything is botwalking and their definition of this madeup term leads them to see it in basically every encounter they ever have literally every time they play the game.

Gears has by and large one of the most toxic fan bases known to gaming so no surprise. Number one factor in gears PVP is accuracy so you can bounce (or bot walk) all you want but it’s if you hit your shots that count.

Everyone’s always up for an argument anyways….and I for one am happy to oblige :rofl::rofl:

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This, in addition to multiple mentions of “vet” status, makes me wonder if the toxicity wasn’t going both ways. Sound like a typical PvP match.


To actually respond to the post:

OP, no one cares who’s a vet. Their opinions/ “status” doesn’t mean more than anyone else’s.

As to the bot walking issue, players just get upset for getting killed by any reason.

Don’t think it’s as much as getting under the opposing players skin, it’s more childish in my opinion to do so. I only do it once it has been done to me. I think it’s funny when players tbag first and lose the match lol

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