Bot bug in the new Halloween event

So ive notices that the bots in the new Halloween dodgeball are lagging out when they go to pick up grenades. They end up t-bagging until someone kills them. Coalition, could this be resolved by altering bot programming so they don’t go for pick ups? Just wondering as although its hilarious to see, its not ideal when the bot is the last one alive and all it does is t-bag haha. Let me know if this would actually work?

Was it one incident? I ask because I’ve seen bots get stuck in many different kinds of loops, the most common of which is the, “I can’t decide which weapon to take out” glitch. Glitching while picking up a weapon is another. Not being able to decide which direction to run, getting stuck on top of a cover, etc.

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No it’s the same thing, they go to pick up an item and they don’t grab it, they repeatedly squat and stand. Always on Halloween mode and seen in a few games.

Haha I saw this happen once last night - had no idea what was going on. It was Raven Down so things happen quick - I actually thought maybe the bot was being replaced by a live player - but of course that doesn’t happen until the bot is killed.

Who at coalition do I contact, do you know?


Ah, the Swarm Drone prototype I see. :smile:

This thread reminds me of a recent social Guardian match that got particularly sweaty because the lobby was actually full of decent players. We got to a 5th round and, with our leader dead, I was able to catch their leader tbagging and took 3 of them out. The remaining player hid forever and finally quit, leaving a bot who got stuck perpetually switching between weapons. I took my time taunting the enemy players who were looking on (payback for chronic tbaggig) before finishing off the bot.

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Oh man that so needs a voice over! :smile:

I’ve seen this btw. At first from a distance looked like Kait was doing her exercises. Also just played with JD swapping weapons - smoke to lancer. Managed to swap weapon with him and he then continued smoke to gnasher.

Really odd watching these bots do this and shoot walls, waste power weapons, then one shot you without a sweat!

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