Boston Tournament Chat Ban

How about this …I was Ban from the chat during the tournament…The only thing i dud was ask for skins like the other 20,000 people in there…There was no caps .no cussing .not being aggresive.The only thing i said was end Gears4 with Im Adopted Lancer would be nice.ty.Next thing i knew i was ban from chat…I like the others have been in there 3 days asking for that skin.But its whatever…


How long is the ban?

Had the same thing last time I watched one of those streams a few months ago. I typed “yessssss!” when Denial beat Ghost and got banned. I think it was moderator bias because everyone cheering for Denial went silent.

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TC said many times that skin won’t be released again. It’s true 1000 people asked for it in the chat,you just had bad luck that a mod saw it and was in a bad mood. That was one of the things I mentioned in the esports survey, they need more mods if they want a clean and “decent” chat.

As for how long it might be, this was the last event and we won´t have another one until Gears 5 is released.

I got permabanned for sarcastically saying “smh nazi mods” when someone else got banned for saying Drix sucks lol


It’s mostly robot modding by software I think. There are definitely some live mods though. I quit chatting after an exchange with a mod one time. Won’t say specifically, but history can play a role.

Personal opinion is people with gamer tags that are recognizable get a little more attention if you know what I mean.

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Have no idea…Never been banned before.If this is how Gears repays us by being loyal to there game and asking fir a skin when i play almost everyday and i buy packs with real money.Just wow…

But its wrong just wrong…Not only me was asking for that skin.The whole chat was for 3 days.They always say we want to hear your feed back but when you do this happens.:angry::angry::angry::angry::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:But all is good now.It all got took care of.

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How was it taken care of? I’m curious because I was going to write someone at TC about this.

Did you say ‘where are my skins…’ or did you say ‘donde estas…’?

Brings me back to my childhood watching Dora the Explorer

Damn man I used to watch that with my nephews. I hated that sh*t

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I hated it too. But we didn’t have a tv growing up, so I just watched Dora on repeat on a dvd

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Twitch lets channels ban specific words. TC needs to utilize it to get rid of this crap. People just watching for the skins need to stop spamming about skins like they’re entitled to something. It’s ridiculous, and TC need to use the developer stream feature too, where you have to actually watch for a specified amount of time to actually be able to claim.

Tired of having to sit through “y los skins” and “reclamen” and " where’s my [x] "all ******* weekend because people won’t stop begging for something that won’t matter in a few months when the next game gets released.

I don’t want to sound hostile. I know I do to some people but this crap has to stop in the next game. There’s an easy fix. Ban the word skins and anything associated with it. Wouldn’t get rid of these people, but 12000 viewers who support this franchise discussing what is happening on the screen is better than 16,000 with 4000 of them yelling because they want their gun to look pretty. Not rocket science. Also, the i am adopted lancer is NOT that special.