Boss Wave Discussion

Recently they nerfed boss waves to stop the likeliness of things like Swarmak and Wakaatu spawning at the same time because majority of the population struggled with them. I sorta liked it that way because it felt like we had the materials to handle such danger but you had to look at it from a community standpoint and not a pregroup of friends who clearly have experience with Horde.

I’d like to know what everyone else thinks, I know Michael pops in and out of these horde threads sometime so let’s try and be constructive about it.

Here are the loadouts for waves if anyone is interested
Wave 4
Warden, Stump, Snatcher, Carrier, Flock, Flyers

Wave 8
Swarmak, Matriarch, Wakaatu, Anything from Wave 4

Wave 12
Kestrel, Anything from Wave 4 and 8

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve never seen a Kestrel on Wave 8 (atleast I don’t remember seeing one)

I liked the harder Waves and want more Wardens in every spawn-set instead of Boomshot Scions everywhere. Also; triple or at least double Wardens would be nice.
Would also force Randoms to pick CQC-classes for once if they constantly get invaded by Wardens.


Boss Waves seem to be the RNG, so it’s not accurate at all

They still would be useless :joy:.

Had blademaster in my team. Telling the team that she doesn’t need mace (when I try to give to her) because she said “why? I got level 6 claw card” :joy::joy::joy:

Sat in the back of the base and did nothing.


Kestrel and swarmak are the hardest bosses in my opinion. Of course the map and classes are important factors too. But I found myself struggling the most with swarmak and kestrel.
Waktuu isn’t hard he is just annoying. The whole poison puddle part isn’t necessary. And he has too much HP for someone who spawns away across the map too often.
But maybe it’s just me.

Would be cool to have bosses from older gears like lambent berserker or reavers. But I think it’s too late to ask for that.

Use Ember to Shoot his as_

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I get kestrels on wave 8 all the time. They usually only show up with robots in frenzy tho.

In 1-50s though, since they added lambent. Any boss can show up with any enemy set.

More practice never hurt anyone lol.

Fair enough if the majority of the community found it hard, and it had to be changed, but if people complained when all they had to do was put in a little effort to get better than shame on them.

Having said that, I think the upper difficulties like inconceivable and master should be left alone when it comes to the nerfing of enemies and bosses. They are supposed to be challenging and throw ridiculous combinations of enemies at you to basically end your run and I genuinely think it should be left like that.

I am just one of those players who work to overcome a challenge and not have a dev adjust it, so I can get past it. I will probably get some kind of hate for that but in all honesty it wasn’t impossible to do even with a mix match of randoms.

She doesn’t lol but giving they sat there and did nothing then bad player lol. I rarely ever need a mace to do my killing, lol.


I’m all for this. Wardens are punishers if ignored for too long. They themselves aren’t even the danger but more of a distraction for other guys to just wreck you.

They are random which I think needs to be changed. It can still be random lower the chance of mini boss for final wave or atleast add more to the mix. By no means should the final fight for a Frenzy be a stump and snatcher.

Can agree with this. Swarmak despite its size is rather fast lol…

People don’t seem to understand this is a progressive system for their classes though. Back before I used custom search I’d run into MANY people trying to bring single digit levels into Incon horde. They don’t understand the concept of how difficult those waves can be. I cannot promise you 100% I’ll be able to carry those people expecting one.

If I go down as Kait in the middle of the map there is no recovering me after that. Suddenly the pressure is on and that player expecting a carry is expected to do something…

The hardest boss from my experience has been that dam matriarch
she’s the on that ruins most of my runs

Everything else isn’t as bad as her

In Gears 5, I think it’s Wakaatu.

If not, I would rank Lambent Berserker as the Hardest Boss

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Just keep her stunlocked with Lizzie. Or even Clay. Lv 4 locker keeps her out of the match for over 2 minutes.

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I genuinely believe this is the core problem with all these players. Players just have no clue what to do with cards or how to adjust the builds to tackle a new challenge or how difficult higher levels can be for everyone when they have a team member who thinks they just be there lol. There is more than likely a lot of players who complain about certain things but treat the game as a point, shoot and win mode when there is a bit of practice or a lot depending on who you are.

I am only as a good as I am because I mess around with cards all the time. Finding out what works and doesn’t work together or really impacts performance at higher difficulties. When the game came out, I was completely clueless about cards until I unlocked them all and start messing around them. After that horde become better and while it could still at any given moment kick my ■■■ it was genuinely a better experience over all but never once did I call for a nerf or for TC to make the experience easier for me lol.


I just ignore that guy and always inmy games at least when playing with randoms that boss gets killed as the last enemy
Maybe when you play with friends hes #1 target but in my experience he’s always the last one

That sounds great in theory but I have yet to have someone do that in a game.

Randoms perk and kill so I got used to that strat

I have seen Kestrels on wave 8, but it was prior to the Op 7 update so I’m not 100% sure if they spawn on that wave now.

The one thing I currently dislike about the Swarmak is the fact that it takes either no damage or a stupidly small amount of it when not destroying blisters(or hitting the spots where they were). Obviously, the main idea is to get the blisters down and take it out that way more easily, but I fail to see why you cannot take it out through the damage dealt to it especially if you can’t get to the back blisters.


Maybe that’s TC way of compensating for the fact we won’t get swarmak + wakatuu?

Genuinely, Gears Series isn’t a Hard Game, so when Gears 5 introduced Class System, most people are confused.

However, I would say Class System makes the Game much more easy than Before (Gears 2-4) that elite players in Gears 5 complain on the Difficulty that seems to be not Difficult at all.

Class System just clarify the Skill Level Gap of General Base Player or Each Player including Forumers also, so when we know “Yep, everyday is an Easy Cake to experienced player, but there’re still a majority suffered from how to use the Classes correctly”, not to say they’re Stupid, but maybe we’re too Good on identifying & playing this Class System.

Is there any Bosses that Pilot / Gunner cannot do His Job ? I’m sure “NO”, that’s why Boss Wave isn’t like a Boss Wave.

I don’t really feel Hyped & Challenged when facing the Boss Wave compared to Gear 3 because it makes it Too Easy. You just use Ultimate and literally going to Next Wave then.

It would be Welcomed if the Boss Waves are a Kind of that Activity called “Boss Rush” that you face Multi Bosses at the Same Time, called " Survival" New Difficulty.

I mean if TC allows the exist of Class System, Class System is used to know everybody skill, which a Highly Skill Level Gap is allowed, so it shouldn’t be Any Nerf on several Classes, because some players may have Difficulty playing the Easiest Class.

I’d say that the hardest combos in my own personal experience have been the combo of Swarmak or Kestrel paired with a Sentinel. Haven’t actually played much frenzy since OP7 dropped so not quite sure if those spawn together any more. I also hate getting the Matriarch only just because of just how much it disrupts the flow of the game, but that is kind of it’s job so, I deal with it.

Not all CQC classes can as easily deal with them though, so I’m not that big of a fan of this idea. Brawler’s tackle does nothing even in Ult, and Nomad is just lol wondering what to do. The best ways that each of these two can deal with Wardens involves ranged builds or at least hybrids, so for full-on CQC with these, Wardens make me roll my eyes more than the dreaded Boomshot Scions do.

BUT I’ll concede that the versatile nature of Nomad and Brawler kinda might allow them to not count as CQC classes for the point you are making. Wardens just annoy me so much when playing these lol. But I’ve bypassed it a little by just grabbing a random Scorcher to slowly kill them (which any class could do if necessary), so I guess that is acceptable.

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I only feel Hyped when playing Blademaster & Protector :heart_eyes:

Would be Extremely Hyped when there’re Multi Combos on Melee Classes.

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I’m hoping protector with lvl 6 stim card is fun
Working on architect lvl6 stim as well

So useful instead of repair resistance card

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