Boss sound bug?

Is it me or is there like no sound at all when fighting the bosses in horde? I hear everything else in the game perfectly fine but when the boss appears suddenly they’re silent and that throws me off and annoys me because half the time I won’t know if they’re coming my way if I’m not looking at the moment.


Sires, poppers, matriarchs, and wakaatus have all been silent for me since op6 dropped.


Are TC even aware of this glaring issues right now? Does Michael know?

On Sera, no one can hear your cries for help when being Sired.

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They have to know by now. Alot of people have said something about it.

Happens too often on the tile set maps (Abyss, Railine and Overload).

Alien references are great and all, but…

I have encountered this issue on more than one map where the game just straight up decides enemies will not have any audio anymore, if there is any at all. Even well before Op 6 was a thing. Very annoying/stupid. What maps? Mostly Dam and Rail Line by memory. But probably also encountered it on other maps as well.


Rail Line indeed is notorious for enemies being quiet. I have been noticing it happening a bit more lately.

I hope so and here I thought I was drunk or hallucinating half the time.

This has been an issue since op5 dropped. I have submitted at least 4 tickets about this, with the most recent stating “URGENT” in subject line. Mostly I have lost matriarch sound, but it has happened to me with every boss, and a number of times with flusher enemies, on pretty much every map. Definitely makes the game more challenging, especially playing solo.

It usually only affects one wave in a match, and unfortunately, there is no consistency: I have lost all sound matriarch makes, then another time I can hear her footsteps, but nothing else. Fun times!

Just played bunker today and I realized it’s not just bosses but other enemies too sometimes like leeches will sometimes go completely silent.

It’s not so bad with Leeches, but having Wardens, Sires, Carriers and the like coming up on you with no sound? Not so great.

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I’m more scared of silent sires because there’s no vibration and I get jump scared.

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Yes. There is a bug where the game audio / sound effects become muffled and extreme low volume. But the party chat is normal. No idea what causes it. Restarting the game fixes it. Xbox + PC.

Buddies and I call those “sneaky bosses”

Nothing is worse, or funnier, than getting ripped in half by a sneaky matriarch

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I’ve noticed this happen to me with the muffled sounds after I play escape if I’ve been stuck on the venom too long. Then I’m forced to restart the game just to get rid of the glitch.

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Can confirm that this bug plagues other maps, played on Bunker earlier and had stealthy Sires and some Drones creep around making no noises.

I haven’t had that happen to me yet but the more I hear about these things the more shocked I am on how many bugs this game currently has.

An awful lot keep wriggling through the net.

Ninja sires are bloody annoying.

Oh dear