BOSS RUSH was the best mode in all of gears

I honestly believe it was the best mode that any gears ever delivered. it has the most frenetic action out of all the modes because once the round starts, it doesn’t let up.

every round is almost a struggle and every moment requires a certain degree of coordination with other teammates above a normal horde mode. it was the most fun i had in the entire gears franchise. there were even moments when it reminded me as if it was the last level of a campaign mission with the music playing in the background. It was total chaos and i loved it.

do any of you guys agree? TC needs to either bring it back or make it a permanent mode.

don’t believe me? check this out.

Ehh… I think the “bugged but should be a feature” Frenzy boss waves as they are currently until fixed tomorrow are a better balance than Boss Rush which just gets excessive and isn’t particularly fun imo. Especially when the game spawns a Kestrel 3 or more times in a row in the same wave.


Boss Rush is awesome. They should put it in customs so we can play it on master. They should add all the bosses too because even on open maps you couldn’t ever get a Swarmak.


Would be nice to play it again.


By the far the mode I enjoyed the most in G4.

G5´s version is good but I prefer the Frenzy 3 boss “bug” alongside normal enemies. Too bad they decided to fix what wasn’t broken.

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I enjoyed it but don’t you ever put it above “Beast mode” from GOW3 ever again lol

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my video says otherwise lol. but that was a good one too! they should bring that back

At the very least id take it over escape any day