Boss Rush(Too Few Finish/Too Many Quit)!

The real challenge in boss rush(Hardecore) are not the strong bosses it’s the weak “I don’t have your buttcrack” players who keep quitting(I don’t mean the ones who quit quickly because they don’t favor the chosen map)I mean the ones who quit when the bosses make them have to really try to hard to beat them!!!

Sounds mean i know BUT after 15 tries in a row it’s time to say something!!!
I have tried to do it alone after the rest quit on me but on HC theres just no way,also anything less then a 5 person team hasn’t got a chance…

I found Horde Lite better than Boss Rush I get more XP in 10 waves.
Already done the 2 difficulties and not planning on playing anymore of that playlist it’s boring and people quit from time to time and if you add not XP bonus not bounty card (only insane) well not worth my time.

It’s not hardcore anymore. Coalition fixed it to insane, now.

I’m not really into lfg, but if you’re trying public that’s what you get mostly.

People come here bagging all the time for multiple XP events, but forget that helps creating lots of players with considerable level and lack of knowledge.

Try adding guys you liked playing with.

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The problem with this event is thay they forced versus players aka horde newbies, to play an already difficult game just to get the skin.

I played one casual game and saw people struggling and quitting, its no wonder they’re completely useless on insane and end up ruining the game for others.

TC, please allow all difficulties to get all the skins, that way newbies stick to casual thus making the game for others more enjoyable and less frustrated.

Thing is, players need to accept that different challenges will net you different rewards. I personally have no issue with each specific weapon skin being attached to each difficulty setting. We can’t all be winners and if a player is poor and can’t complete hardcore or insane mode, then tough.

I agree with different types of rewards, but people who admit they don’t have a clue what they’re doing are"forced" to play insane and ruin the game for others.

Leave the power to the scout, the engineer has discount so let him buy, heavies take priority for droshots, lockers are for reloading, don’t burn the weapon for ammo, etc. I sound like a broken record now, I’m teaching kids from kinder garden how to get their highschool diploma.

Given the option I know more than a few would still try insane but the reality is the majority would stick to casual, get their skins and go back to playing versus. This is why all skins should be available in all difficulties.

True. But the thing is Gears is primarily a team game and there will be players of all kinds of ability, and some will be absolutely hopeless and will ruin the game for others in some shape or form anyway. Public Horde had quitters and clueless people before Boss Rusj and there will be more for the next event or challenge. I don’t think there’s an easy solution aside from suggesting that players use LFG and build up a network of reliable XBL friends to play with. I pretty much never use public matchmaking for Horde at all, and always use LFG and play with friends.

The only problem with premades is that most just want to grind speed runs with no sense of real enjoyment. It’s like a job that pays fake money that can only be used to buy lottery tickets with cosmetic prizes. It’s hard to find people that play the way I/you want to play and happen to be on at the same time you’re on, so you end up stuck with public or LFG (and LFG really isn’t much better than public usually tbh). Everyone thinks they know the best way to play and want the game customized to their expectations instead of just playing their class and fitting in where they get in.

I just want to bring the pain lol.

I could’ve finished the hardcore on foundation but that map is Gone from the rotation now. They nerfed the maps.

I think you should be able to select a higher difficulty or lower difficulty. Other than casual or insane. A lot of players are in over their heads and aren’t aware of what’s actually happening. You can always tell the versus players trying to shotgun a scion lmao then I roll by and headshot them lol

If you need or anyone else want to play with someone later I can help. Mostly level 6 cards bro

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Vs players should b able to get this skin in vs along some challenges they will b able to complete in their own world. Same for Horde players shouldn’t b forced to jump into vs to get a skin they want. They should b available in both modes simple as that.

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