Boss Rush thoughts!


(l Ar Ci l) #1
  • As we all know till this day many new players are coming to the game, this is good for the game, but when they don’t know what to do you end up frustrated most of the time.
    -Many new and old players sometimes don’t finish 1-50 , 1-25 now 1-10 with bosses in I expect people be quitting as always.
    -no extra xp means not many are gonna play much even though is a new variation.
    -new weapon skins as reward for completing Normal and Hardcore but aside from that the credits you getting out of 10 waves are going to be low.
    I don’t think I’m gonna be playing this mode as much as Juvie Madness , Monster Mash or Horde Mania.
    Unless they add extra xp I’ll playing some other mode.


I’m tempted to actually try a few achievements but I dont know if I will put the game into my system.

(l Ar Ci l) #3

With no XP I don’t even know if the New Horde Mode is worth to play more than 3 times.

(Belkain) #4

I’m actually excited about it, the fact they created a casual and hardcore difficulty means that it is supposed to be a real challenge.

Still unsure which boss can withstand a few dropshots on hardcore, guess the surprise will be to kill a kestrel and a swarmak only to be flanked by a carrier that everyone failed to notice.

(diablo vs24) #5

I am curious as to what the regular xp will be for the mode. For 1-25 they made it comparable to 1-50, but slightly better for casual-insane (not sure about inconceivable; never got 1-25 #'s).

(l Ar Ci l) #6

This mode is not the best way to get XP. And credits you get out of playing 10 waves are a joke totally ridiculous and forget to play Normal as Engineer you are not gonna kill nothing most of the time, if you planning on playing as Engineer do it on Hardcore only there is needed. I just got my 2 weapon skins and not planning on doing more 10 waves lmao!

(diablo vs24) #7

I’m just curious how the payouts compare mathematically. From a leveling standpoint, it’s not likely to help much; since, presumably the consecutive wave bonus is going to get trashed often.

(AVTruePredator) #8

Which weapon skins are they giving out?

(l Ar Ci l) #9

Torque Bow on Normal and Boom for Hardcore