Boss Rush(Return of the dictators)

This mode(Mainly Hardcore diff)The boss fights are hard enough but now we have to many dictators ruining it,you don’t like the map,fine just quit,nothing new about this but when you try to tell someone else what class to play or that as a engineer"don’t buy stuff"(So now you don’t want weapons lockers or decoys?)then clearly you lost your sences,i’ve tried way to many to finish this HC diff but between quitters,dictators and what i swear are super ramped up boss starting at about wave 7 it’s no wonder almost everyone starts quitting…Clearly the bosses are not the only problem…The heartbeat boomshot a great skin but if the bosses don’t get you,your so called team mate will…

PS:I don’t want to totally salty here,i have been with a few teams(Casual mode,boss rush)(5 of us finished rustlung/Now i know this doesn’t sound special but the large number of regular enemies backing up the bosses was shocking compaired to other boss rush games i’ve played)(Also there where two when we finished boss rush with only 3 players(Hotel&heli down)that where so good and totally kickbutt who didn’t throw in the towel at the frist sign of trouble also no bosseness,we had plenty of bosses already(to fight)but it take to many startovers to find this kind of team,to all the teams who are like this THANK YOU,without you this wouldn’t be worth the the search to find people like you,maybe the wannabe dictators could learn something from you,but most likely they never will,because changing to hard to do…

That’s public for you. LFG is the best bet.

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I was getting to see one guy in the lobby who has an Addiction. Most times he was telling people to swap classes, take Sniper Strike off, F- this n that. Yet he has always been one of the first to quit. Last time I saw him in the Lobby he said “Oh not that Fing GrubKiller”. Well seeing as I took his Tags to the Fab the last game when he quit I dunno his problem. Asked him on Global expecting a tyrade but total silence. Prodded a few times and still no reply. This silence from him as he often asks “Any body got a mike? Nobody? Nobody’s got a mike on Insane. Well this is going to be a F-ing s*** storm…blah blah”. Yeah mate I got a mike but who’d want to speak to you while you tell them what to do.

Had a guy on a Insane Juvies screaming and cursing at me - and he sounded like an adult too - when I dropped the Fab on Slab near the two doorways to set up fall back Sentries for anything coming through.

I’m putting it here because that’s where I’m going to be working

You don’t know F Sh**about this F game on Insane you F idiot. You have to have the Fab back here ! You don’t know F. You can’t have it there,whaaar whaaar”.

We did fine even though he quit. I had to push a single Sentry forward on the last Wave to scrape 212 Kills for my 200 Kill Bounty. Why not? Everyone else has easily surpassed that number.

I think TC made what could be a Classic Horde design, with many ways to play it. Many Cards. Many combinations. Many bases and placements. Only Swarm variety lets it down. But … many ways to play it.

BTW wrt sticking with it. On Reclaimed everyone left so I placed Fab in the Barn (?) where the Longshot/embar spwan. Made it to W7 as Heavy. Got tired about 5am and took too many risks with Torque.

I played on foundation the other night. Moved the fab down the lower level in the room where the control panel things were. People quit. Yadda yadda. Went to wave 8 all by myself before I died. Could’ve finished it if it wasn’t for trying to save the stupid ■■■ Scout that does what every other scout thinks they can do. Run to the other side of the map and then die lmao

Problem with boss rush and no help is ammo management. I wish the bosses didn’t have a target lock on you so you could flank them easier or collect ammo easier but the Kestrel has a damn radar lock on you it seems.

EDIT Duh me. Mixed the maps up! (your Foundation and my Reclaimed)

I had some lockers in that Barn. But they were getting punished in the higher level where I was. I thought I was onto a loser but tried putting them down the lower level where the actual weapons spawn. Surprisingly nothing went for them even though access at the sides was wide open. Even had a Drone come in the top where I was and go to cover right at the doorway and showed no interest in the lockers.

Mind the Carriers and Snatchers acted weird and often stayed up at the top of the map (hence me having a Torque) so maybe I was just lucky the lockers hit no radars. Often the Snatchers would stay there till I damaged them, then with a single jump they’d land right in front of me.

In the first year of the game, I don’t how many different strategies I was told were the “only way to beat horde”. Were probably people who watched one youtube video and became “experts”.