Boss Rush problem?

Boss Rush in normal says it’s 5 waves and 5 bosses but it had more then 5 bosses and more then 5 waves,so what is it?

It’s a typo, it’s 10 waves and a several bosses each wave, I had 2 carriers, 2 snatchers and a kestrel for wave 10… loved it!!!

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Yea,i suspected that…

At once??


Holy ■■■■.

Gotta play it, but I’m too damn tired…

To be honest, is not that good, or that hard, also, they should give more exp. if you are against several bosses in the same wave.

I do like it BUT we need more actual locusts as well, even Grubs. One, two or three, four enemies per wave is still somewhat boring no matter if they are Bosses.
In saying that well played to TC for giving us this.

It’s a matter of personal preference, I’m quite happy with it. As for “not that hard” guess you’ve had some luck with your team, I’ve seen my fair share of engis building nothing but sentries only to be smashed by a Carrier, heavies playing nothing but boomshots or snipers wasting power on strikes.

Playing with randoms is difficult, gets tougher with noobs and evolves into a real challenge when your teammates sabotage themselves, on top of that I get 4 bosses at once? I’m loving it.

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