Boss rush ,beat without an engineer,,

You don’t need an engineer in boss rush… you can beat 10 waves easily without him, you need a sniper with ping and mark damage… scout too, the rest can have fun,
everything that’s pinged is 40% damage… its all in the fabricator ,

That’s probably true for Normal.
Insane would be harder without Engie having Decoys and Overclock.

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No, its too easy , been doing it for a while now, its handy for someone to have revive… but its unbreakable easy that way, i only posted this because too many people are giving up too early, was hard to get a full game…

If you use those cheap methods then it becomes very easy.

Try without. AND engineerless.

Anyone can buy from fabricator, decoys/ weapons locker , there will b lots of cash to spend…

These Decoys don’t last long anyway.
A normal Level 1 and 2 Decoy gets destroyed instantly and the time, slow speed it takes to carry them around.
It’s better off letting an Engie do it IMO, and with HP.
Around before Level 2 Fabricator, if got a Dropshot and want to recharge it fast without Ammo Box cos someone else got it.
Then Overclock would be very useful before Level 2 Fabricator hits and can buy Dropshot.


Everyone has there own way of beating rush, i just give this way… nobody has to do it like that…

Still, when I get lucky on public, I find it better to have 4 attackers and scout instead of a match scoutless.

I did Dawn a few days ago on Hardcore or Insane, don’t remember.
We had one Scout, Sniper and three Heavies.
It worked until around after Wave 5 when it took forever to load between Wave…
I wouldn’t have known if we could’ve gotten to Wave 10 beaten.

There are other ways to play it, the hard part is trying to figure out what the other guy’s card’s are…nobody talks much anymore… 60% carry speed is another one to have around… helps with decoys if you go down that route…

There’s much better cards to use on my Soldier, Scout, Heavy and Sniper class so I’d never use Carry Speed unless on Engie.

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There’s not much time between rounds, everyone’s busy collecting weapons, if u don’t get decoys out its probably game over,

Agree to some extent. Lockers get trounced easily with Carrier smash. Decoys don’t last that well even with Decoy Health and Fortification Health. Fab on the other hand has Infinite Health and a source of Ammunition esp if you are in a Match with a Scout who runs for Shotgun Ammo over Power. Quite a few doing this.

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Last Horde I quit to try Battlfield 1 because of that “Waiting for other players”. Humm…maybe more like waiting for garbage servers to update or something.


It’s a frustrating mode all right, you really need a good team that plays well… otherwise you don’t get to 10…

You know, I am just primed now to quit when I see Scout snaffling ammo while the ‘attacking’ Classes go without. And when the Scout picks up the only Dropshot, empties it, goes snaffling another ammo box for it when there are Heavies on the Team…smh.

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I said this last week. Other than lockers, there’s really no need to buy anything. We beat it on insane without an engineer.

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So far in all gears history this mode has been my favorite. D challenge on insane it’s so fun. As for d team d times I managed to beat it we had 1 engii, not getting much xp but instead just making decoys(lots) and lockers, A scout collecting lots of power, a sniper with damage boost team revive and ping, and two beautiful heavies getting most kills. Positioning d fab it’s d clue to victory here.

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What’s with the D’s? Lol

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Why does this thread exist? Anyone who is dedicated to horde should’ve known with 1 boss rush session engineer isn’t needed. Fences and Sentry never stopped bosses on regular horde and decoy only kept them busy for a few seconds…Boss Rush is all about pure power and fast killing.

Scout - Money for lockers
Sniper - Called Shot and sub damage
Heavy - Dropshot the s*** out of anything that moves