Boring grind not worth it

Looked at the baird/lizzie characters ect…grind for these tedious waste of time…30 headshots in verses for baird…ok I’ll go into pvp n piss peeps off while i ■■■ about getting these…not…and even if you can be bothered to do this…haha aswell as wasting scrap to unlock totem grind…your then left with grinding the cards…tod can also kiss my ■■■■ to…luckily i have a couple of characters that will do me for this game…but jesus have they succeeded in sucking the life/having fun out of this game…shop is open and working just fine though :roll_eyes:


I unlocked Baird in like 4 hours… didn’t find it a grind at all, In fact it was extremely easy

Run around in horde as Kait with the overkill for the 500 DB weapon Kills, did It in the first 40 waves, also unlocks the 250 shotgun kills requirement at the same time. The 30 headshot in versus I did almost all in a single KOTH match, very easy to unlock Baird


Lizzie’s Totem probably takes more time to complete(already took me a while to finish the executions challenge last night, since that can only be done in Versus and trying to do it in bot Versus is a bit of a pain with players killing everything as soon as they can like it’s a damn ranked match… they’re probably grinding those kills for medals - but I wasn’t gonna do actual PvP for this challenge). But it’s not like you spend days or months of time doing them, a few hours at most suffice. If you find any fun in playing the game, it shouldn’t feel much like a grind either.

Id rather keep 4 hrs to do something i like doing😁but if you want it n happy to do it…good luck to u.

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500 kills in 40 waves ??solo I assume . And that’s NOT a grind for most people ??

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I have no issue with the grind but having unlocked the first 4 totems and reaching general in tod1 I just want to focus on what gears is for me and that is pvp. I do not want to force myself to spam horde and escape just for totems and daily bounties(I know horde and escape are decent and I have played a fair bit of horde in the other gears games but I’d rather play pvp).For tod2 I’m only going to do the daily pvp tasks and I will probably grind for Baird and locust drone because of the fact they are both gears legends and I especially want to play as Baird with the classic skin.

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I love how you cannot combine totem challenges so you have to do everything separate. You could always buy Baird even though he was free in all the previous games.


Money and grinding for tat…personally wont be doing either…game simply not good enough to justify either :roll_eyes:


The Totems are a lot less grindy this time around in my opinion. Also all PVP challenges can be completed in PvAI which significantly reduces the grind. Still better than having to pay for the characters.

They are. I pretty much did all of the challenges for Lizzie except the XP requirement in like, three and a half hours. Just need to get about 43,000 more XP to get her. Which is the only requirement I think they should cut in half as it really doesn’t do much to add to the experience of getting the character… it’s just playing anything to get XP. 30,000 would make it more in line with the other requirements for the unlock. I think.


I dont pay😂

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Then why complain when they made it much easier to cheese/grind than the Operation 1 totems?

Who’s complaining? :roll_eyes:

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Cause forums are opinionated @foosniper :rofl::rofl::rofl: stop moaning git grinding rookie

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Touche. Could have spent his time grinding instead of posting on the forums about it though duh

Duh?.. show abit of respect

He’s playing it right now @foosniper

Sorry it’s rather difficult to show sarcasm through text, should have included the /s

So u did a totum while i posted on here…duh🤔also a typical constructive answer you get on here lmao

I disagree with your post.

You can always purchase them if you don’t want to play the game.

It’s the rewards you earn that are thrash Hence the complaining

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