Borderlands 3 reveal

Hi Gears any of you watching the Borderlands 3 reveal it is looking ace. I hope “our” reveal will be just as good. One thing I am envious of is the 4 player. I loved Gears 3 in 4 player.


Not interested in Borderlands at all. Never played the first two and I won’t play the third.

Fair enough,

Already preordered and can’t wait to play it.

Way to crash the party Tony.

My wife lives for borderlands…

I played BL2… Not bad. If you like Diablo and you like fps games… You’ll prolly like BL2.

Be nice if 3 is cross platform since I’m challenged when it comes to xbox…

The hype level is so high for me! Hopefully the years wait is going to pay off

Apparently, the xbox store in the beggaining put Borderlands 3 as a “Cross platform”. So you know, It’s a high possibilty at this point, With at least PC.

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They did that and then Microsoft changed it and removed that notice, so it is still kinda in the air as to whether it will or not. The devs made a statement that they are going to try to do that though if they can. At the least, it’s nice that they are behind it.

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