Boot Camp with Del(May mean he's importian as well) minor spoilers

Some say JD will make it to gears 6 and Del won’t,if thats true why make del the playable char for bootcamp.I think this could mean del has just as much of a chance of making it as jd has.Just because TC can’t kill marcus fenix doesn’t mean jd is totally off limits,if they could kill off anya stroud a main char then surely they could kill off jd as well.

Keep em coming Shino

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Because hes the 2nd player and it allows TC to build character without dunking you into the main protagonists right away

I think you should have been able to choose between kait diaz,del or jd they all became part of cog at about the same time.

I saw an image of Kait on Training Ground Boot Camp. But don’t remember where. But I agree we should have been allowed to pick Kait. Even I would have.