Boot camp seems useless

Honestly boot camp in 5 seems like a complete waste of developement budget. It was kind of understandable in 2 because the series was fairly new. But 6 games in, when the story will still have the tutorial level like every game before it and if coop vs ai is back. They would be better off just gambling that money away honestly, at least that way they get an adreniline high

Eh I think it’s fine. New players can get a feel for the controls and heck anyone who wants to just see executions or get the feel for a gun but don’t wanna slow down their teammates can mess around here.


They’ll tie an achievement to it. Watch as all who care have to go through it.

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It seems like A LOT of Gears 5 is centered around catering to people who don’t even play Gears Of War and who will likely stop playing after the campaign :disappointed_relieved:

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It’s almost like they’re trying to give new players a chance at being able to play without getting turned off by the skill cap being extremely high. I like Gears, you seem to like it enough to post on the game’s forums, why is attempting to have more players a bad thing?


I highly doubt it ate up into any significant amount of dev budget, and new players always like to know there’s something like this, so they don’t feel they’re getting thrown to the wolves straight out the gate. Some people don’t like starting with the campaign, many want to get right to versus.

So new players that are like that can just jump into Boot Camp to get some tips, then jump into a match. It seems it’ll go more in depth than the beginning tutorial of the campaign anyways.

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Gears is the only video game that has kept my interest I stopped playing other games a while ago so to say I “Like” Gears is a bit of an understatement.

Bringing in new players isn’t a bad thing but when the developers attempt to do it by changing things we like about the franchise and ignore the dedicated fans I begin to worry. TC did this with Gears 4 and now it appears they’re doing it again

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I haven’t seen anything on the boot camp but I hope they require it before playing online.

I hope they make us play 10 ‘socials’ before entering ranked.

I hope they make us play 50 practice rounds of horde before online horde. (this first 50 can have squad mates tho, just not rando solo q)

I would settle for an experience level 50 in lieu of these two things.

I hope they let us play social while waiting for a ranked match as well.


My bad. I didn’t realize that a tutorial mode is taking away from the other modes the game will have.

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Kinda like Skirmish in Overwatch.

I wouldn’t know…

But just playing in social while you wait for a ranked match to form and once it does it sucks you out and spits you in your lobby.

If overwatch is like that - then yeah.

Hell, it could even be a minimap OF the actual lobby while it matchmakes and collects enough bodies… Just an FFA… but then we’d probably run into dropouts from knowing who the opponent is ahead of time.

Unless the opponents were all random characters and no names…

I’d settle for a real long hallway with AI to shoot…

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Yea, the difference is Skirmish has no objective, you have your 6v6 setup, and you just run around killing whoever is in the lobby on the other team.

They probably wouldn’t make it a regular Quickplay match that matchmakes you with people that searched for a Quickplay match, because people that are just actually playing Quickplay will be getting the short end of the stick, by having teammates constantly dropping in/out of their match. So, it’d have to be it’s own special social lobby just for people waiting, though ofcourse it could have objectives for winning still, unlike Overwatch’s Skirmish.


Yeah I agree it’d probably need to be it’s own thing… Doesn’t even have to be your own match lobby I wouldn’t think…

Could just have a couple nodes in the cluster dedicated to lobby arenas and matchmaking traffic so the quick play social people aren’t getting impacted.

Well not everyone is a Pro like you.


Someone definitely changed the definition of skirmish when it comes to games since to me skirmish means an offline custom mode that lets you play any multiplayer mode however you want with whatever settings you desire regardless if you’re online or offline with no strings attached and pure freedom.


Spawn more overlords!

But I think he pulled that particular ‘definition’ from an overwatch centric place. So it’s just their definition for that game.

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LOL, yea, it’s from the Overwatch Wiki. I wasn’t trying to define “Skirmish” in general, just describe how it works in Overwatch.

I wouldn’t have known that since overwatch wasn’t shown in the image and all I saw was the usual wiki font.

It’s all good buddy, the conversation directly above it was mentioned.

I completely disagree with you!
I actually made a thread requesting a ‘Training Grounds’ back in 2018. I can’t find it anymore, so i think its been deleted.

Having a boot camp means:

  1. More casual players are likely to play gears MP. Having a bigger population benefits everybody and ensures the longevity of the game.

  2. It means rather than closing the experience gap between players through game mechanics, players will actually learn how to get better at the game! Whereas before the developers tried to make the game easier by implementing “crutches” e.g Core Tuning, Stopping power, Sawn off, Retro Lancer etc.

  3. We don’t yet know how advanced this boot camp mode is yet, but i’m hoping it introduces wall bouncing and game mode tactics. This would make playing a lot less frustrating, especially when playing with randoms, that don’t know how to set up. Most of the time i’d honestly prefer bots for teammates.

If boot camp can achieve these 3 things, it’s definitely not a waste of time or resources.