Boot Camp Mode into a Training Room for Players!

I’m sure you’ve already had this Idea Coalition, but if you haven’t I really think this is a good idea, Here it is:
The Boot Camp training mode that you do when you first load up Gears 5 can be a really good all-around training mode instead of being a one and done thing. If you take this idea and turn it into something players can generally use this as a way to get better.

Here’s what I purpose, In the Boot Camp mode when you load in you can switch between all 3 tunings currently in the game. It doesn’t have to be in the game it can be on the menu but you should have the option to switch between them. Once you load in you can do anything you want. Wall-Bounce around to practice movement or just get a feel for new weapons. Here’s the fun part. Just like on the part where Baird spawns DeeBee’s you can do that but place them Anywhere you want. **
Scenerio 1:

For Example, let’s say I’m terrible at Over the Cover fights in Multiplayer. I can go into Boot Camp, Load in and go to a cover, Place a DeeBee on that cover and sit and practice that shoot.**

I’d have the option for the DeeBee to have Full Health, 1 Shot down, or Infinite Health. Then you can just sit and practice that Scenario of Over the Cover. Or let’s say, I want to practice shooting and wall-bouncing, I’d just place a DeeBee between 2 walls and practice shooting and wall-bouncing. More options we could have is Infinite Ammo and Spawning of Weapons. You could do this by using the Fabricator in Horde as a shop in Boot camp and you just use the Fabricator to get any weapon you want to practice with. **
Scenerio 2:
For Example I go to the Fabricator, Grab a Longshot. Place 3 DeeBees across the map and Now practice Long distance snipes! See what Im saying, Just think of it as Fortnite Creative! Omg, I think this could be a Fire, I’d wait for this addition. **

Just let us know if It would ever see the light. Let me know how y’all feel about this below, TC please respond on what you guys think.

~ Ando


This is a very good idea.

Sadly, this would be a side project that would not only take awhile to do, but is bigger than their main projects.

As this would be a combination of a “new” map, adding all new objects / placements, spawns, etc.

Then you have the AI’s to deal with, making it open to other players, and it into the UI, dialog if they wanted it.

That combination does not work with TC.

Their list on adding things looks like this:

  • New maps.
  • New characters.
  • New events.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • New store items.
  • Hundreds of other user ideas. Your idea here.

It is indeed a good idea, but it won’t get added. We can always hope :slight_smile:


Does that include a “playing against high-ping”-option?

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This sounds exactly the way Bootcamp should’ve been in the first place.

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That’s what I thought it was gonna be when I first heard about it

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I notice you have more than one account (3 alt accounts) and are using at least one of those accounts to come on and post praise about your own ideas.

Don’t do this.

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