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Maybe already been spoken off here, but what’s up with the blue boost you buy? I finaly had 500 from tour of duty, I thought let’s buy 15 days of boost with it! I only play master horde, before the boost I ranked up an insane 3 levels ± after a full horde run on master,

Now with boost, it stays the same! Only my stars are double now to earn, but I don’t care about stars lol. levekl18, thought to become level 20 after 15 days of boost, but will not happen at all lol

Double XP + double stars

Does boost affect character XP? I don’t think it does but someone please correct me if I am wrong.

Boost definitely affects your overall XP (your personal re-up and level) and the supply drop rate and the number of stars for finishing daily objectives.

Boost gives you double xp, supply drop, stars for daily objectives, as well as character exp for pve

I clearly didn’t talked about leveling up character… a character doesn’t go to level 20 lol. Until 3 months ago if you finished a master horde session of 50 waves you gained up 10 rankings with boost. So I expected if you gain 3 without, you gain 6 with boost. NOT

No you clearly didn’t specify that’s why I covered both xp types



Each lvl takes more XP, this doesn’t reset with prestige. Prestige 12 is where it gets really tedious and boost gets noticeable useful. Also, the way boost-xp is awarded is a little weird. It’s added after the rest of the match-summary.