Boost still today?

Should we still be getting our 1 day boost? Or is that overnow

Monday was the last day.

Thanks. Hey how about double XP until Op 6? I mean I’m fine with that.

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That’s what free boost is. :thinking:

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Right so boost daily until Op 6, still at least week left of Op 5 & as you say daily boost ended on Monday. I’m just dreaming…

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It would be nice. :smirk:

How are people still using boost, reup 50 only takes 30 minutes now 0.0

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@DaxterDude that isnt true. And im not gonna go and spend a bunch of time cheese-ing xp from Clock runs. I like to play for fun. Not for an xp grind.

Boost… Sigh.

58 days of boost left and no need for it as i cant earn xp…

Can only get double stars… Yaaay😶

And after seeing whats in op6 i doubt ill be getting many of them.

Exactly and whats the point just for the kantus skin and all other future xp going into the abyss lol :joy: not worth it. No rush

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@eviljas247I know you arent complaining about hitting level 50 and just playing for fun? I mean who wants to play for an xp grind if they dont have to. Concentrate on working up a ranked mode or something. Jeez…ive seen it all now. Someone pissed that they cant grind xp anymore.