Boost not working

Is the boost not working now? I should see a blue bar showing the boost amount when I get the supply from finishing a horde game but I do see see it in the least couple of matches

I sent in a support ticket about this in the middle of October. It is now 2 months later and am still waiting for a response.

This just happened to me after the update

I sent a ticket in on sept 18 and never got a response about the same issue.

I have to wonder if TC even knows about the issue as there hasnt even been an official announcement saying that it is an issue.

What was your ticket #? Apparently that number is your position in line. Mine is 24,767

Also you would think they would look into this. I’m in no rush to buy boost or anything with boost because of this issue.

I would be renewing my Boost in a couple days but I hope not to get this issue…

Mines 16 422.

Honestly hold off on getting boost until this gets fixed, the amount of supply you miss out on and in turn the amount of scrap does add up. I guess that because of this issue i probably lost out on ~70-90 items.

I have 46k+ Scrap so it won’t make a dent.

If it doesn’t affect everyone and would work normally for me, then why should I hold off?

if you dont need scrap than theres no reason to not get boost, this bug only effects supply, you still get xp normally.

Of course there are reasons to get Boost. It’s not just Supply. It affects Re-up XP. Two people in this thread are over Re-up 22+ and Boost is important for XP.

What are the rewards for re-ups past 20?

Regardless if you need scrap or not its not working as intended like a lot of things in this game.

This game really should not have been released in the state its in.

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Hi @Ektope

Do you happen to know if our big friend Ryan would come back to the forums ?

Kindly let me know what you think :slight_smile:

He said he’ll be back hes just taking some personal time

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oh ok man @ll_R_E_D_l

I wouldn’t want to log on to the forums if I were him , he’s going to see a lot of heated messages from lots of people… its a hard job that he has without a doubt man .