Boost not giving double stars (Bug) (Main thread)

Please help me get an answer to this, I have 26 days of boost but my objective star rewards are not doubled. Is this a new operation 6 thing?
Thanks in advance

And to the coalition, i got back into gears with operation 5 as I really didn’t like a lot of things at launch but you guys have improvedthe game so much since then. You guys are doing great, keep up the good work!

I have the same issue, it would be nice to have the double stars but if your really a gears fan youl play double stars or no double stars


6 stars for all challenges the number of days it didn’t work plus 5 free re-rolls each day for the same amount of days.

I only bought boost for double stars. Better have a compensation if they don’t fix this quickly.

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Hopefully this is fixed soon, no boost here either. Was excited to play this morning too…

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Hey everyone,

Just a heads up that I’ve queried what exactly is going on, as I start work earlier than the rest of the studio I won’t hear back for a little while.

Apologies for how long this has taken, as soon as I find out what we can do I’ll inform you all of the next steps.


Thanks for the update Kilo :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update and appreciate the response

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Haven’t exactly done the calculations but does anyone know if the double xp was working and just no double stars? Hadn’t played much when I realized no double stars

Thanks for the heads up, sadly that means I will be going back to the PS4 for now though I guess.

You think this is the first time they’ve done this and not given compensation? I just had to request help the last time I got a boost and it didn’t activate, and they wanted me to wait 3 weeks for a customer service response that time.

When people ask for refunds when they screw up, they will be less likely to screw up. If you sit there taking it, expect them to keep giving it.

I think it worked, although I have no proof lol.
Simply speaking I got 1 - 2 Levels per Hive run, that generally only works with double xp.

I paid cash for a bundle that included a 30 day boost, and the 30 day boost is missing. That’s what I wanted most from that bundle since the skins are trash and characters can be purchased with coins next week. I didn’t get what I paid for, so I should be able to get my money back. Not sure what’s unclear about that.

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Mhhh Ironically I just bought 100 more days yesterday.
Damn should have waited a day.

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Boosts always worked fine for me but i’ve logged in today and seems no any double stars. Anyone had this issue?

Having the same issue!

Same here. Only single stars showing with 28 days of boost left.

What kinda logic is that? You can purchase 30 days of boost without the bundle attached to it.

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Me too.

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