Boost not giving double stars (Bug) (Main thread)

Just curious, anyone else experiencing this? I have 61 days of boost left but not getting double stars. Was fine when I played yesterday.

Tried a restart but still only single stars.


Just beat me to the post. Same for me and restarted game twice.


Having photo evidence is good, hope TC can help you with this.

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Luckily I noticed and have only lost out on 2 stars.

I always look for my blue stars as soon as the TOD loads up ever since getting boost.

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Thanks I’m not alone then.

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It happened mid way through a versus match (37,500 damage). I received the double stars for the shotgun kills in a previous match.

I’m having the same issue. 15 days left and not getting double stars. I completed and re-rolled an objective before noticing which is very annoying.


Yup, same here. Had them done already but now they show up as 1-3 stars.

@TC_Kilo1062 @TC_Sera


Not ideal…

Will chase up!


I’m sitting at 34 waves out of 35 for Horde, lol, I want my 6 stars. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’m hopeful it gets fixed shortly.

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Seems to affect everyone. At least our entire squad is missing them.


I am also having same issue


I was mid-Horde and had a momentary out of the ordinary lag moment. Wondering if that’s when it happened? Was around the store refresh time.

It makes you wonder what could have happened to cause this. I don’t ever recall this issue. Was a silent update being pushed out for something else? If so, how could it cause this?

It would be nice to get an explanation.

@TC_Kilo1062 I too am having this issue today. I usually grind out challenges to knock out the tod as quick as possible. I just spent iron on re-rolls as well. Dont wanna do them if im not getting double for them. That is why I buy boost. Also,required a re-start to get the iron from the tod. You are doing a great job @TC_Kilo1062. Appreciate ya.

That would be a MIRACLE if we ever got one of those.


Yep same, missing boost stars.

Ugh. I don’t know if I wanna sign on now

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