BOOST not awarding extras stars. Glitch or removed on purpose?

I posted this on Reddit as well so hopefully the devs notice as it seems really ■■■■■■■ greasy.

The description of the boost clearly states it provides extra stars earned toward Tour of Duty. If you go to the help menu in game and look up BOOST it says it there.

You can see in the video below from the press event at TC at the end of AUG has it as it was originally planned.

Skip to 0.47 Sec to see the blue stars added to the daily objectives.

I have messaged TC OCTUS and the studio multiple times but they never respond to this question. I am not sure if its a glitch or removed on purpose.

I’m guessing it was removed so people would be more inclined to spend money on Iron to get more daily objectives.


After seeing the store and those ridiculous prices, it is a safe bet to assume they removed it on purpose.

A shame really as there is little incentive to level up with the bulk of the content being restricted to TOD.


Hey, I asked about this as the description is completely wrong, and the answer I got from TC is that the studio is still deciding how to treat the boost bonus in relation to Stars.

Octus has flagged internally that this is an issue as it currently does nothing but isn’t labelled as such.


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Thanks for the response!

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Good spot OP!

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Given lots of people have been dropping iron on objectives, I see any changes to (boost) star progression during this Tour being…problematic.