Boomsnipe Improvements

Boomsnipes, like any event that starts off with a fully powered boomshot, is fundamentally broken and unfun. If the teams are balanced at all, it’s a camp fest, and if they’re not, it’s a slaughter.

So, what can be done about this? Is Boomsnipes destined to be one of the most reviled events in Gears? Maybe. But I don’t think it has to be.

The solution is simple: make the boom reliant on the snipes. The boomshot should start empty, and ammo for it should be generated entirely by longshot kills. Making the centerline weapon spawn a boomshot for ammo may also be a good incentive to promote players to attempt map control.

I think this would be a great way to revitalize the mode. Thoughts?


like this one, in fact was thinking the same as the Boomshot is kinda of overly used as on respawn is obviously easier to get back with full ammo and I really do like the back-2-back shots on snipes… They could also make an OSOK only with that

I like this idea as it gives more incentive for people to use the Longshot.

However I played it today solo and lost no matches out of 5, MVP in 4. That was enough to complete all the medals. The enemy team were mostly competent so it’s a very easy game type if you know what you’re doing.

Though with that said I’d still second that quoted idea, it’d make for a more interesting play.

Boom snipes on gridlock is no fun

Imagine BoomSnipes but without Boomshots. Pretty sick idea I know.



First they have to stop the spawn trapping. I am joining games where it has been nothing but spawn trapping. By the time the spawns swap, either my team or the opposing have already lost a significant number of live, and it just happens again.

In all honesty, it’s a dull event.

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I play the game question on gridlock where there was no spawn swap

But then I can’t fire a boom shot from spawn…

It’s not even snipes to me, its boom lol

I dont see the fun in it, OSOK ftw.


The 4 shot longshot is awesome but I’m not sifting through all the boomshots just to have 1 good game out of 20 lol


The medals are tempting but meh, I honestly haven’t enjoyed OSOK since 4. I didnt get to play much of UEs OSOK. I did find one random game like months after 4 came out and I was surprised to see people were still playing UE.

I can hardly find a TDM game now and I think that’s what most people play if they are playing UE.

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OSOK and Bunny Hunt are my favorite special event. When its no melee and headshots only theres no room for BS. You will die to a legit headshot. If someone dies to mantle or yank then that’s the players problem lol

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I think this is the main key issue. When all players spawn with Longshots and Boomshots, you have all the ingredients to spawn trap enemies.

I think the simple solution would be to change the spawning so that they occur all over the map (close to team mates for example), similar to how some other recent PVP events did.

4 took forever for no melee and headshots only to be added to OSOK, before that it was a melee 2 shot down nightmare. I absolutely hated it. But now OSOK/Bunny Hunt is perfection.


When I saw this event, I thought it was the stupidest idea I’ve ever seen. The OP confirmed it for me, it’s pretty much Boom and no snipe.

Do these special events have different (smaller) hit boxes or different damage values compared to standard matches? I consider myself a competent, rather than brilliant, sniper. But in the first two matches of this event, I barely hit anything. It felt like if I wasn’t hitting absolute dead centre of the enemy’s face, they weren’t going to die.

They’re the same. It may be that you’re not accustomed to sniping targets who are aware they could be popped at any moment, which is very much the case in any event that spawns people with a longshot.

In normal play, you’re more likely to get these surprise shots in.

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I’ll tell them where they can put it.

It’s just boomcamp​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: