Boomshots can headshot right? Does that mean headshots do extra damage too?

Pretty cool if they do although I doubt I’d hit those headshots unless it’s on a stunned warden or something.

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Boomshot can headshot.

They do higher damage on headshot, because of critical / explosive damage.

The bleed though, wouldn’t be affected and continue to be based off body shot damage.

I used to pull off some Boom-headshots on Drones and such, when it used to be 6 rounds on JD.

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Oh nice. I was wondering about ammo too because in story I think it’s 6 instead of 4.

Edit: Does that mean hitting a snatcher’s underbelly and a matriarchs back will give crit damage too?

There is double ammo capacity in New Game+, which could further increase it.

And yeah, yellow numbers = higher crit damage.

Oh nice, that would help with inconcievable.

What actually helps on inconceivable is having Jacks abilities maxed from a previous run.

If you want a challenge, Insane is good enough, other than that you must enjoy suffering to go through it.

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Does the iron man achievement pop if you do new game plus?

if only it was 25 rounds like in gears of war lmao

lmao I don’t remember using the boom much back in 1 but I think that’s because ammo packs didn’t give locust guns ammo right? 25 is a lot lol.

The ammo packs wouldn’t give like explosives ammo longshot, just the high grade weapons wouldn’t get ammo ik hammerbursts and boltoks did in gears 1 in there you had to really get it from boomshot from boomers and those 25 shots were worth carrying through the game for RAAM on insane

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It does.

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I always though it was dumb in my opinion, it’s the equivalent of someone firing a rocket launcher to your face and your head is the only thing that gets blown up but the rest of your body remains intact and preserved.

What is more boom shot damage? Area damage can piece an enemy so anything near the area is critical right?

It’s just game logic where hitting the head would do more damage, and explosions seem based off body damage.

Yeah it’s all relevant with the boom shot. Maybe you could pop the head but any weapon does that right