Boomshot the shield NOT THE BASTION

Hi Peeps!
Until about a week ago I was sure that everybody knew this little trick…but playing my last 6 Horde matches and having what I thought a knowledgeable JD(at lvl 17&18)…how wrong was I! So as the tittle says “Shoot the shield, not the Bastion” If you boomshot the shield on the actual enemy that will kill the bastion and the shield at the same time. Now if your cards are right on your JD, and your custom boomshot card is at lvl 3 you can kill the shield with one shot, max two. If you card is at lvl 4or5 just one shot. My JD is lvl 18 with all cards at 5 except razor hail at 3. I was playing a masters game on forge and four grubs had a bastion and were at the barriers on the right hand side(3 scions and 1 Grenadier) the bastions we’re hiding behind the walls. I shot one scions shield with my boomshot and it killed all four bastions and destroyed all the shields. Now that might have been just luck killing all four but that’s all it takes for one at anytime. As I mention in the last 6 matches the JD just kept shooting the bastion with his lancer or trying to use the launcher to kill it, If I play JD I always have the boomshot as my second weapon, never take it off just in case of the bastions. It’s the quickest way to deal with the shielded enemies, otherwise they just become absolute bullet sponges and will empty all your centuries in no time. So, to sum things up “BOOMSHOT THE SHIELD ON THE GRUB, NOT THE BASTION” your team will thank you.


I’ve certainly had this work, but there’s still an element of luck in the Bastion being in splash range, since it’s not a 100% guarantee.

But yes, it’s definitely smarter than trying to aim at the Bastion itself, unless you’re close.


The boom will get the bastion no matter how far away it is. Slpash damage is null and void in this case.

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Mate it has worked for me every time. Maybe I’m just lucky but I find that it’s the easiest and the quickest way of taking them down.

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On Wave 41+ on Master, the Bastion shield can tank one shot from Level 5 Custom Boomshot with Level 5 Razor Hail. But a perfect active reload would one shot it. Always perfect active reload.

People normally don’t do this either but when it’s Juvie or DB waves, I buy Boomshot from Fabricator on Wave 5~ ish to deal with Guardians and Bastions. Otherwise, can pick up Boomshot from Boomshot Scion on Leech waves. But I would hoard 5,500~ Power from Jack smelting to buy Boomshot, rather than Fabricator Power. No one notices. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I usually just ask jack not to melt one or run and grab one myself.

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I’ve yet to play in a horde match with a jack and a forge. I think those games are myths :rofl:

Ohhh you get them on higher difficulties and if you don’t don’t bother playing that game. When I’m Jack I ask Del to get the forge out first. Any good Del would know that.

Team should always be asking jack and other team members to look out for (and not have jack smelt) weapons that can be on the field that they need as you say boomshot for JD, Overkills for Kait as she build up her rotation, tri shots for Faz (and marcus if some one is playing him), extra longshots if fahz is using them etc … Also once folk have their locker rotations they can let every one know so things get smelted

If I play JD at higher waves I am fixing / loading things & helping pick up folk in the base generally not shooting stuff, but I try and carry a spare boom shot and overkill as a “moving locker” in case either JD / Kait loose a weapon due to dieing or in the haste of battle merging a weapon on a locker

Really? That’s some seriously bad luck, haha. I’ve had plenty of them - granted I’m usually playing Del, so I’m the one who builds the Forge.

I have had an unfortunate number of games (on lower difficulties), where I build the Forge, and then the Jack is apparently too incompetent to really use it much. Above Advanced difficulty it’s not really an issue, thankfully.

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I guess that’s the problem then. I usually only play on advanced to elite, as I only play sniper.

On gears 4, I could play the sniper on inconceivable (only difficulty I ran) and actually contribute to the team (I was usually the one with the most kills).

But on gears 5, the sniper class is so underpowered it’s just a waste of time trying to play on the higher difficulties. Plus the ammo situation is annoying.

Loaded up gears 4 last night. Started a game with 52 bullets for my longshot. I think you start with 12 or 15 in gears 5? Pathetic.

Since when was horde about scavenging for ammo? Shooting stuff is the whole point of the mode.

When there are lockers, which has been rare in my games… there’s always some selfish JD who has two lockers full of GLs, and he’ll just throw your spare snipe on the floor.

It takes two to three ammo boxes to refill the sniper too, which is just silly.

Not to mention how slowly it charges ammo in 5 on a weapons locker. Takes like 2 or 3 rounds to refill the entire sniper to capacity.

I really enjoyed horde in 4, it’s just so frustrating in 5 as a sniper. :unamused:


Are you building your own weapons locker? Have the engineer upgrade it for you. A good Engineer should be sporting the Overclock weapons locker card and you should see a huge increase in the ammo refill rate.

I build one and the engineer refuses to upgrade it.

I’m aware of the new meta, but I can’t do it if I don’t have competent teammates.

I had one game where the engineer was taking them to the middle of the map to destroy them :roll_eyes::angry:

Interesting… I will pass it on to the people I play Horde with.

Sorry to hear that. You definitely have had a have had a ruff go so far.
I mainly play engineer, I have see the end game and I have seen what works for other characters. Recently, when my main crew is not on, have been leveling up my other chars and have been swimming solo in the Elite and below custom lobbies and they are filled with rude and incompetent players. If you try to give advice it upsets them and they try and tell you what to do. I joined an in process match on 36 Advanced last night with my Marcus and I had the JD telling me where to stand and he would not shut up until I picked up a tri-shot from the weapons locker he set next to that spot. I was like Dude we are only on Advanced. I used the tri-shot for that wave and the JD rained GL fire down the entire wave on the only area I could see from the spot he wanted to cover. Booring. I found a sniper rifle and worked on headshots, it was the only way I could get a kill.


Another PSA: stop building laser fences and sentries in the first ten waves. That ■■■■ gets my blood boiling

Yeah don’t bother giving advise mate. I’ve hosted two last games on master and had to stop the game because of the incompetence. My regular crew hasn’t been playing and I have struggled to find a game that I was willing to go to the end. The strange thing is that all randoms that I’ve played with lately have been high level characters and re-ups. It’s like everyone has taken dumb pills and started doing ■■■■ that only noobs would do.

I think the recent double XP horde character events and the emergence of the 41-50 XP run rooms (that require only 2 competent people, (Del and JD) have raised base level of the incompetents.
I now see rooms that say: " Level 18+ and X re-ups only" – What? … 18+ ?? plus? :laughing:

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I know right! What’s 18+ maybe they meant character lvl18 + reup such and such but I’ve seen lots if games like that. I don’t blame them but you can write what ever you want in the description it won’t stop muppets from joining in.

Kait can just can pop bastion super fast I have all cards max and blood resonance at level 4 so it’s 140% damage at level 5 it’s just 150% so it’s no biggie. She can blaster the fast moving bosses too. Helps JD out. Again you need Del and or maybe a Jack, JD and or a Kait and or anything else, You can’t double Dels regardless what that level 1 or 3 Del say he can’t outplay the level 18 Del. :slight_smile: