Boomshot suppose to hit 2 times?

Noticed on River it feels like it has even more impact than usual
well tonight I was hit with a single boomshot and it 2 hit me instead of one

It’s not a huge deal or anything but just wondering if its two or one explosions

It was changed some time back, was supposed to make the boom more consistant.

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Appreciate this! It’s amazing I’ve never noticed it hit me twice until now. It’s either a 1 shot or they use both shots to kill me.

Boomshot always hits 2 times. Honestly it is working same as in Gears 1.

In Gears 1, when Boomshot hits anything it spawns 3 bomblets in different directions. When actively reloaded it spawn 6 bomblets on hit. (source - Gears 1 Source code)

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