Boomshot ranked reward missing

Am i imagining it or it never existed ?
i am still missing the boomshot from the ranked rewards… No i dont even have a bronze boom yet i hit diamond that season… Anyone else have this problem? … have submitted ticket months ago saying to reply if still hasnt been resolved… Til this day still hasnt been fixed.

Boom has never been given out, as far as I know off…

Maybe next operation. :wink:

Could have sworn i seen someone with a masters boomshot skin

Now you mention it, I think I have it as well.:sweat_smile: (Gold was the highest I could get back then)

Maybe try and contact @TC_Kilo1062 or @TC_Sera on the forum.

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What skins were awards previous seasons??

Im not sure the order but im pretty sure lancer and mace was op1 and there is no information online about it im just almost 100% sure i have seen someone with a master boom

If you think you’re missing ranked reward(s), you could try submitting a ticket.

Tried that an it was never resolved maybe because i didnt send a screenshot but it should be in the data i have played every operation should atleast have a bronze weapon unless boom never existed?

They haven’t looked at yours yet. You would get a different email.

That is the email you get, after submitting a ticket then just have to wait.

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Not to worry. As you now know, you just have to wait several more months and you’ll possibly get a response.


I only remember Overkill Snub and “Freedom Lancer” were Op 3, cause those are the 3 I have Master skins… because of the Gridiron glitch :joy:


Now that you mention it i didnt even know the overkill existed as a reward unless they only made those weapons for master ranks…

I was missing the snub at one point an they fixed it… Theres no official list anywhere online to see all previous ranked rewards either