Boomers anyone?

Considering how many characters there are, wouldnt boomers be a pretty cool addition? Now i know they are huge but, so is uzil skraal and raam, as well as skorge and kantus (tall), it may seem a bit off but i dont know playing as boomers, maulers or savage boomers sounds awesome, tell me what you think.

Would be great to see since we already have scions in the game. Definitely love to see more new locust mp chars.

But then again I feel like they’ll just use scion dialogue for the boomer.

I agree fully, i feel we should really look for characters that were never in mp and i see boomers as a perfect fit.

I do hope to hear “boom” and/or “charge”, would be so much better.

If they can include scions and Uzil they can include boomers.

Indeed and im sure it wouldnt be too hard. The model is already in the campaign I believe.

They would look comical holding and using regular weapons though…

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Not really, rather be Karn.

Also more than happy to wait and have some surprises for Gears 5 multiplayer now :+1:

They are. I played the start of the campaign again recently and it brought back memories seeing the old enemies. Made me wonder how they got so off track with this one.

No, With all due respect to the Boomers, at least Uzil and the Scions get away with their movements in Versus.

Boomers would look too off-putting, it just wouldn’t work.

But what of a Brumak model for MP! Now we’re talking :grin:

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would love to see the boomers in MP but the Maulers I think would be too weird looking if you made them fit the hit box system. Hearing Booooom! in MP would be awesome!

would it be asking too much to see the GRINDER make it to MP with the rest of the big DOGS???

Well we already have the Heavy Scion (which is the Scion Mulcher in campaign) But I do believe that the one’s carrying Boomshots are just the same as the normal Scion that’s available in MP…

I’d love to see all sorts of non playable characters make it in. Boomers, Karn, cleaver theron, rager, the rest of the comic locust etc. Hopefully in Gow4/Gow5 we get more npcs, I definitely want to see Karn and savage boomer though!