Boltok and overkill

These weapons need to be nerfed they literally power weapons at this point add recoil or remove bullet magnetizm from them

Once you set aim assist to off the boltok isn’t really that much of a problem. We should be asking for aim assist set to off for all of ranked, rather than keep complaining about weapons which the aim assist turns into monsters…


They’re pick-up weapons. They should be powerful… and honestly, if you’re dying to any of them too often you’re playing against those using them all wrong.


Boltok’s fine as a support weapon, especially with aim assist off.

The overkill needs to move into power weapon status as it kills cqc.
At least no one usually picks up.

Boltok can be pretty oppressive in the right hands but it has a somewhat limited ammo capacity and a pretty large damage falloff at range to help keep it in check.

The Overkill I kind of lump together with the Breaker Mace. Yeah they’re strong but once you identify who’s carrying it, you can just adapt to only engage that person from medium-long range and it’s fine imo.

Overall, I wouldn’t change either tbh. They both feel fine.

yh u right aim assist disgusting on these two

Because nothing but gnasher should kill in cqc right?

No, obviously not. It is becuase its so stupidly overpowered it dominates CQC. It pushes out the abiltiy to outplay all but the most inept opponents when it is only meant to be a support weapon. Support weapon, as in it’s not in a power weapon spot.
As a power weapon it would be more understandable, if just as unfun to fight.

It outranges the shotgun, it outpowers the shotgun, it fires faster than the shotgun, the spread is wider and more forgiving than the shotgun. Heck all the same applies to the enforcer as well, the overkill massively outclasses the other cqc gun too.
If it looks like a power weapon, dominates the field like a power weapon. it IS a power weapon.

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It’s a pickup. Counter it by ,god forbid, pulling out your lancer

Don’t worry mate, I may be a gnasher whore but my play is varied enough.

Pull out my lancer in CQC? Sounds like a bad idea.
Or are you saying get out of cqc, when I am specifically referring to how it dominates in cqc?

I know its hard but take a few steps back champ. And honestly OK vs Gnasher isn’t as one sided as you think. I see it lose out plenty.

And the most important detail that you might me overlooking is that if it were so OP people would be picking it up more.

Ever wondered why people rarely picked up the scorcher in 3? It wasn’t because it was weak.
Same goes for people backpacking the mace on exibit.

Isn’t it a power weapon

It’s not on the maps traditional power weapon spots (the central line) and sits in the same spawn points as weapons like the boltok or hammerburst. Things that are traditionaly support weapons.

I mean it IS a power weapon, but the map placement says different.

I think it’s fine both sides get one so there’s nothing really unfair, why aren’t u using it

It’s like picking to start with a retro in g3, just not the done thing.

It’s because it isn’t the gnasher

Nah, because they make the combat not fun.
They are not fun to use (too easy) and not fun to fight.

The scorcher was not fun to use??

On most maps the scorcher was a power weapon both teams fought for, aside from Old Town I believe.

However, the Overkill and Retro are extremely powerful support weapon that spawns 60 seconds after pick up, not use. Stack teams completely abuse this mechanic by every player picking one up. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to deal with that kind of situations, but it’s extremely frustrating and kills any fun that could’ve been had in that lobby. In my experience at least.

It doesn’t make sense to me the Markza’s respawn timer is after use. Yet the Retro, Overkill, and even the boltok far superior weapons at this point yet they’re after pickup.

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