Body Damage in One Shot One Kill?

Should there be any body damage in One Shot One Kill?

I have games where you are having a sniper battle with an opponent and a player from either team comes along and does a deliberate body shot to down you or the opponent; Or when you verse players and they don’t even try to go for a headshot, they just try to double shoot you and down you. It’s extremely frustrating to a player who tries to go for headshots only and constantly gets down by players who double shoot or a whole team that just tries to down you. I honestly feel they should change the game from “One shot one kill” to “two shots one down.” So my question is, should there be body damage in OSOK?

Last time I played OSOK the bleeding time was 2-3 seconds so it wasn’t that bad but I do agree with you, if everyone has a long shot and the name of the game is OSOK then it should be headshots only.

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