Bobbleheads hit detection

I decided to finally try a sniper class for horde with the bobblehead mutator and it still feels like you need to shoot in the center of where their normal size head would be for a headshot especially if they are facing sideways or their head is sticking out of cover …something just feels odd with the hit detection with the big heads

Anyone else notice something similar on their end?


They still haven’t adjusted the hitbox? No surprise there. Been an issue since its introduction in Op 5 that you can’t shoot the bobblehead enemies where there head should be, but instead where it was at its normal size.


Yeah that’s what I’ve been experiencing

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Yeah, it’s really obvious when you’re shooting the edge of their head when they’re in cover

It is supposed to be a “beneficial” mutator but for me it’s the opposite.

It took me a while to figure it out (aim at the chin / mouth) but even then I miss more frequently compared to no bobble head.


Ah yes, inconsistency

It’s simple

You missed

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It’s simple

You are in denial it’s bugged

Bet you like the PvP in this game and say know your gib range

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OP’s favorite drink!


Don’t know what PvP has to do with poor aim.

But they have giant heads… land your shots soldier

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Implying that gib range in current tuning isn’t pure RNG LuL.

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I face the same problem too.

With the Bobbleheads hit detection, sniping becomes a chore.

You have to aim for the chin or the mouth for the game to register as a headshot.
If you aim for the forehead, the bullet just whizzes past through.

The best analogy I can give is that the bobblehead modifier is like a boiled egg sliced in half.

The “yellow” portion of the egg is where the game registers a headshot. The “white” portion of the egg is like a phantom region. The bullet when shot at it, just passes through, dealing zero damage.

This modifier is causing more harm than good.

TC pls fix the hitbox detection.

This has been a thing since Gears 3. I don’t think this is a bug, it’s just supposed to be funny.

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This kinda, it’s not supposed to be beneficial as it would be with the hitbox.
But I’m sure it’s not supposed to be detrimental either so eh it’s just bad,

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Grab a sniper rifle on PvE and try to shoot the edge of their heads and see if the hit even registers, because this has been a ■■■■■■■ problem since the bobblehead mutator was brought to horde.
I can even jump to horde and film a clip where I CLEARLY shoot their head, yet the game doesn’t bother to register it.

I’ve played that mutator and @link_ntzelda first time playing with me, saw my aim.

Don’t need to know who missed

There’s no need to be condescending over a real and measurable bug.

Like, congrats, you effectively played a sniper class with the modifier on. Here’s a :star: for you. So did I. It’s not that hard.

But the size of the head does not match the hurtbox, which is still the typical head size. This results in occasional missed shots that should have hit. This is a problem in part because bobbleheads are listed as a player-friendly modifier, when in fact, they’re not.

Bringing the problem to TC’s attention is kinda what these forums are for.

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Different strokes and all

thank you for the star btw

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