Blurry textures

Anyone knows why my textures in campaign especific( everything else multiplayer, escape seem to run perfect) are like plastic? Like they havent load, sometimes are cool, sometimes are plastic, even in cinematicd, i know my pc isnt that good, but i even tried lowest and still getting that plastic sometimes, i have set the minimum fps to none, thought that would fix it but nope, my pc is
I5 7400
Gtx 1050 2gb
8 gb ram

I know my pc is not that good, but is there a way to fix it? Or i just cant? I dont mind playing like this, but would be cool if there is a way to like, put the graphics to load even it hits fps hard, mp and escape can run it at high 1080p, thanks!!


I have the exact same problem and no fix yet!

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Same GPU . SAME PROBLEM. Its so blurry that I cant play it anymore. More than 85-100 fps and yet cant play it

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Try disabling the minimum framerate. I think the game is too aggressive on the dynamic resolution.


tried everything fps is ok even on max settings yet what happens is , when the game loads textures are ok after checking map or reaching a cutscene textures refresh and dont load again !

I don’t mean to say you have FPS issues. What I mean is the game may be lowering your resolution due to the minimum FPS, even though the minimum FPS is fine. Just try disabling the minimum FPS so that the game is not using dynamic scaling.

I have the same issue in the campaign! You’re right, multiplayer seems fine. It’s like the textures are just not loading in - and the texture streaming setting is not making a difference. For me, it looks all right when I’ve just started the game, but after a while - typically during cutscenes - the textures just start not loading and you end up with a game that looks worse than low settings. I mean look at this…


I turned mine of on minimum frames and set max frames to 120

Did that fix it?? And i already tried the option of setting the minimum fps to none, but it kinda worked a little, but still getting blurry textures:( thanks for the suggestion tho, edit, tried doing that of setting max fps to 120, but its still the same, thanks anyways

Same problem here. I’m using a GTX 960 2 GB. I’ve run the benchmark thingie setting everything to high and the game looks good, I get 45 - 50 fps, which is perfectly fine by me. I’ve also run the benchmark on medium (recommended) and I get around 60 fps. In both tests I didn’t get any problems with the textures. I’ve tried adjusting the minimum frames, the maximum frames, setting everything to low… Nothing, 90% of the time the textures don’t load. I have the latest Nvidia drivers. No clue, guys.


Getting this exact problem running on a 4gb Radeon RX 570, Core i7 4770 on Windows 7. Updated to latest AMD drivers (released 10th Sept).

Tried fiddling with all the graphic options, nothing helps. Same issue running on low to high graphic settings.

Running the benchmark I get a smooth 60fps on medium, high settings seem to be pretty good too.

When I open the game and run first time everything pops in great, run the benchmark once and it all looks good, run it a second time without restarting the whole game and the textures turn to blurred mess. Same with single player/horde, runs good for a few minutes, but the textures seem to mess up as soon as the game has to ‘refresh’ or load /render the textures a second time.

Doing a clean install of the game now, hope that helps. Will update when i’m tried that. I’m out of ideas tho.

EDIT: Clean install didn’t work. AMD released more drivers today, did a clean install with DDU to 19.9.2, no dice. I’m out of ideas, reducing FOV, lowering graphics quality doesn’t help in any way. Seems to be a problem with radeon and nvidia cards from what others are saying on reddit. idk.

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I haven’t tested this on my PC yet, but the only thing I can think of is disabling the “Minimum Framerate” as the dynamic resolution might be destroying the campaign for some reason. Other than that, Maybe try upping different settings to see what minimizes the texture downgrade.

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Same!! Benchmark seem to be alright, but really dont know what to do, im playing in the campaign of my friend, and sometimes i play in mine, but im just replaying it, and idk if its a placebo thing or just casually play in places that load better, but i think it runs better when playing in mine, i dont know if its because i already played that part of the game, but i still get blurry textures often, and i dont want to play campaign all over again to see it good in some places, i think ill play it like this for now, at least i can play with my friend, i really dont know what other option to check in settings, only ones i could think, are the streaming texture or something option, but setting in ultra doesnt make a change and the minimum fps, but really out of ideas, i even lowered my in game resolution

I have an i5 3570k cpu, a GTX 960, and 16gb of RAM. Not the best, but above the minimum and it should be ok running things at medium-low.

No matter what I set the video settings to, the game looks like this.

Like seriously, I put everything at ultra to where my machine should have smoke coming out of it, it looks like that. Bump it all down to medium, looks like that. None of any of the video settings change anything about how it looks.


Well, i tried lowering resolution to 1280x720, and it doesnt look that bad, for me it actually looked good, i mean i preferred that, than plastic all the time, textures were loading better, and i enjoyed the last cutscenes, bad thing already finished the game, but would had really liked to enjoy it from the beginning, hope helps someone

any luck guys? this issue made me uninstall the game when i really wanted to play it its even more infuriating when you still dont know what causes it to do that

Uninstalled this,

It said there were issues with GTX 1660 cards…

Don’t make me laugh i’m not going to spend $500 on a GPU just so that I can play this game at 1080p

This is blurry AF and some things look really ugly like you’re playing at low resolution. Been tweaking the game for hours still no changes.

I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one running into this. I know that my GPU isn’t the issue, neither is my VRAM or RAM. My computer is a beast. The Witcher 3 and Doom 2016 play on max settings with no even the slightest slowdowns. So I’m sure that that isn’t the issue. Rage 2, which apparently gave people a lot of issues, also plays on max without issues. I tried removing the minimum frame rate, changing FOV, settings on Ultra, Low, no difference. I even tried uninstalling the Ultra HD textures to see if that was it. Nope. Maybe a re-install of textures? Nope. In the end, I just had to uninstall the game. I can handle not being at 60FPS. I can handle it not being perfect resolution. What I can’t handle, is paying $90 for a game that looks like claymation after 10 minutes of playing.

I also run into this problem and stopped playing the campaign for now, i sent a request to the support yesterday waiting for some answers. Gtx 760 2go OC here, probably the worse GPU but it kind of reassures me that i’m not alone. There’re people on reddit & steam running on AMD with the same problem apparently.

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