Blurry/pixelated textures on 2070 super

Been having issues since op5 release tried turning off a-sync compute and it helped a little bit. However now I have this weird grainy/pixelated look on everything. Any ideas would be awesome!

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As a console player I see nothing wrong here.


As a PC player too, I don’t see anything that has a grainy/pixelated look in your screenshot

Starting to question if it’s just a flex thread lol cuz nothing in that image is grainy😂

I also don’t see anything grainy or pixelated in your screenshot.

I see it! Wait…I don’t…Looks good to me.

I can see it. Looks like the image is being compressed into a jpeg in real-time or something. Might have something to do with driver-sided forced anti-aliasing? Looks like a shading issue to me.

If you zoom in onto Dom you can see a fair bunch of “crunchy” pixels on him.

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this has been an issue since the last update. no word from TC as usual but the community figured it out.

disable Async Compute and see if that fixes it.

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tried disabling async but no luck

having the same issue. Just submitted a ticket. almost seems like dynamic resolution but there isnt an option for that.

Still no fixes yet. Also submitted tickets with screenshots and video. It’s gotten worse. Some scenery doesn’t even render in now

Gears 5 Main Menu Quality fire effect on my 1660ti Laptop!AomoknPG8q6uh7MJUF1vqrGI6NTvTw?e=yemfmy

Gears 5 Main Menu Blurry fire effect on my 2070 Desktop!AomoknPG8q6uh7MIHhz0KcFK1KPLaA?e=pQFPR6

I’m also getting this issue, i recently upgraded to an RTX 3090 and didn’t have this issue on my old GTX 980, It seems that everyone that has the issue is using an RTX card, As Symaratan has shown in his links its present on the RTX card and not the GTX card. Is anyone having this issue on a GTX card?

Hi everyone,

I play Gears 5 and Hunt Showdown daily via steam with an RTX 2080 Super.

After upgrading my nvidia driver to 460.79 for Cyberpunk 2077 and jumping back to Gears 5 I notice immediatly
this weird blurry / pixelated look on every surfaces, textures look low resolution now.

Rolling back to the previous driver I was using ( 452.06) immediatly resolve this issue, no more blurry / pixelated look.
Sadly if you own an RTX 3000 series card you can’t roll back to this driver as the initial driver is 456.38,
I haven’t tried any of the 456 and 457 drivers so I can’t confirm wether or not it will fix it too.

OP 5 doesn’t seem to be the issue there but mostly an nvidia one or the combination of the 2,
Nvidia might have changed something that affect the way the new driver handle the direct x 12 shader cache or there is some kind of downscaling / DLSS force on.
On driver 460.79 , if you add the Gears 5.exe to the Nvidia control panel the sharpening setting comes automatically with NVIDIA Recommended.

P.S : Disabling async compute only fix the cut scene

456 driver is a no go sadly.