Blurry and Pixelated textures after OP5 update (Main thread, potential fix)

Blurry and pixelated textures on PC ever since OP5. No idea how to fix this, you can see in the screen shot by the locats chest the pixels. Im running on Ultra and i have never had this issue in the past. All the characters are washed out especially at a distance along with environments.


This screenshot doesn’t show you problem very well but I saw your problem in an other topic. I didn’t clic on your screenshot as it was someone else’s topic.

That’s a wild issue you got here !

Try this : Go to Windows settings > System > Storage. Select Temporary Files as if you needed to delete files to free some hard drive space. Delete the DirectX shader cache.


Maybe here is a better picture. You can see on the helmet all the square pixels , its alot easier to see when they are moving. Its driving me crazy.

i can see that better now. odd

might be some kind of dynamic resolution scaling?

here is a good one

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So I guess deleting the cache did nothing ?

I’ve noticed it on console on a few maps, no idea how to fix or what causes it.

But this definitely isnt a platform specific issue.

I am fairly new to PC gaming and since op 3 i have been playing with no problems and none of my settings have changed (I have changed a few around to find a fix but nothing)
i have changed my settings down from Ultra to low to see if that made a difference but it hasn’t, it happens during cutscenes gameplay and no matter what i do nothing can fix it!

I have looked into other games and this is the only game that it does it with and for the life of me I don’t know why?
has anyone encountered this before?

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I see a lot of graphic artifact during cutscenes. In game I notice some flickering texture, expecially on white walls. Do you have some solutions? Thank you


HELP! This is killing the game for me, Did you find a fix? Your right its only in the cutscenes for me too. I am using a RTX 2070 classic. I have tried every trick in the book nothing will fix this.

Im gettin´ the same issue, frustated

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it would be helpful if we knew what gpu to figure this out.

what gpu

Disable async compute in options. Worked for me.


Disablin´the async worked for me too, thanks bro

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Well thats just great. Now that i deleted the game and gave up. Thanks though i appreciate you letting us know. Too bad its a bandaid and not a fix but ill try when i get the game downloaded again.

Can everyone please try turning async compute off as @Rilachujma has suggested, appears to be working :slight_smile:

thanks to you merging my question to here I was able to find the fix and I can confirm disabling async works.

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Glad this is resolved for you :slight_smile:

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I’m now having this same issue on my 2070 super. Turning off a-sync compute did not fix. Helped a tad but everything is still blurry and now textures in game on certain maps delay on rendering in

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