Bluffing with empty weapons

Your team is dead and you’re the last one alive on your home hill, you have the boomshot or another power weapon on your back but you don’t have any ammo - the enemy comes charging your home hill.

Do you ever ‘bluff’? It’s worked a few times for me, where you aim the empty weapon and they scatter giving you time for a team mate to arrive.

Has this worked out for anyone else?

I find it amusing.


Yes. If i had drop or boom and i whip it out, most roll back haha. Smart move

I’ve tried this several times but usually the enemy players have the intelligence to know I’ve used all my power weapon ammo and it also doesn’t help when my character decides to literally scream “I’m out!”


Yup. It all depends on whether or when your character shouts this out. Its a bit annoying cos it gives you away. Also good players and/or teams will be able to keep count of the number of shots fired especially if they use mics and communicate. Obviously it’s not always possible but if I see someone on the kill feed get kills twice in fairly quick succession with the Boomshot then I know they’re out.

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When you grow up in the hood you learn these kind of skills early on. trust me.

Definitely not going to work against a team on top of their game. Usually its the matches where the entire enemy team runs to cap their home hill for those points where you know you can pull it off.

depends most people should be able to see the bottom left screen if you get successful hits or they hear the shot.

Lol. This reminds me of a time on gears 2 we were playing guardian. Both leaders were dead and it was a 3v1 against a dude i used to play with. He had an empty boom and chased them all over the map with it. It must have took them 2 minutes before they realized he didn’t have any ammo. One of the funniest gears moments ever.

I usually start counting the shots the second I know a power weapon was picked up. I’m pretty sure other people do that too.

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Yeah i always count them

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I am on PC and will often type telling the enemy team where my last player is, except I give them incorrect info and watch them run across the map to a spawn to see where the player is hiding, meanwhile my player is free to pick up power weapons etc.


i love bluffing haha usually with boomshot and drop shot… doesnt always work… only seems to work on ppl without teams that tell ppl how much ammo you have left.

Sometimes I whip out the Boomshot and walk around a corner. It’s funny to see people immediately roll backwards.

Sometimes if I’m doing really well, I’ll pick up a weapon like EMBAR and use all but one round and keep it to prevent it from spawning for as long as I can.

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I’ve bluffed with boom and snipe a lot. The only problem is, they respawn kinda quick so your applications are limited. Generally, I’ll pull out the boom if I know boom is about to respawn. Gives the enemy pause. Only against high level players though. In social, they don’t know what’s going on and will just charge you anyway.

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